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  1. Having a smaller file size would be nice, but the workflow difference is the real issue for me. To process the shoot I did yesterday using the new workflow with cineform took 10 mins to turn the RAW files into usable (but soft) .avi files. The cdraw/after effects workflow for the same files took approximately 3 hours. That's a huge amount of time I'd rather spend editing. Surely this can't be simply how Cineform works? I can't imagine Andrew would recommend Cineform in his book if it causes this great a hit to sharpness? I thought I must be missing something in my workflow.
  2. Hi! I'm new to the forum, and a recent purchaser of the EOSHD 5D3 RAW video ebook which has been great thank you very much! I learned about Cineform from the book, and at first glance it seems like a huge boon: smaller file sizes, fewer post production steps etc. But today after converting my first full 5D3 RAW video shoot with Cineform, I noticed it didn't seem to be as sharp as I expected. Let me briefly explain my old and new workflow and perhaps someone can tell me if I'm doing anything wrong: Old workflow: - Copy ML RAW video files to HDD - Point Rawanizer to the folder and
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