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  1. I agree with Etudiant, the cinema experience isn't fun anymore. It has slowly died a greedy death. We now have something that is designed by an algorithm, for a minority audience with the shortest attention span on earth. Then, they complain that nobody comes to see the movies anymore. What happened to something for everyone? Why does it have to be blockbusters or nothing? It's not about distribution or what a director wants. It's about making art for an audience. If you do it right, people will come. It doesn't matter where it's shown.
  2. This interview was so frustrating! I made an account so I could write this because I was astonished they would come so unprepared. They had to have known they were going to be getting video questions from you when they agreed to an interview. However, it’s as if they didn't even care. It’s the same attitude I get from Canon through their product releases. This is the tipping point for me, time to sell. This article inspired me to write this letter to canon: Dear John … err, Canon I feel like it’s been a long time since we’ve talked. It hurts because we used to have such a good relationship! 12 years ago, when we started dating, it was exciting! You made it possible to sell my film cameras and I loved you for it! Those were exciting days for our pro photo relationship. We started traveling the world together and I felt like finally, someone really “got meâ€. After a while you even talked me into selling the Nikon glass I had just bought for my S1 Pro & 14n. It was crazy. However, today. I feel like we have a broken marriage. To be honest, you just don’t listen.. and well, there’s someone else. I’ve been seeing her for a month or so now. I’m sorry, but she gets me and.. well, she listens to me and she’s more sensitive to my needs. I know, I know, she’s not the same as you. Nobody ever will be. The crazy thing is, I know she may even break my heart. Right now, Sony just listens to me and what I want. For that reason, she wins my money and I’ll be making the jump to mirrorless. It reminds me of our early days, back in 2002. We went on that first date with your D60. Eventually, that year, we even moved up to your 1ds. It was exciting, and I’ll always look back fondly at those early days. You have to know, it’s not just her video. I’m one of those 90/10 guys, but that 10% video is important to me! It’s the only video I do and I feel like you’ve been withholding that from me. But it’s not even the biggest thing. It’s her sensitivity. When we go out at night, she gives me more range than you ever did and she shows me things that you didn’t even know where there. I guess, in the end, I’m just a sensor guy. You have to know that I will always love your glass. Perhaps, when she and I are on a beach on some exotic island, maybe, without telling her, I’ll slip on one of your lenses. Just for old times sake. Perhaps one day you'll understand, but until then. Best wishes. Jake
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