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  1. Maybe an already asked question (although I could not find it directly...) but I have the GH5 S. I also have a GH4 and use it with my normal Metabones XL (.64). As discussed on the forum the XL is/was made for the GH4 and not for the GH5... Having said that, the GH5 S has an even wider sensor! I mainly shoot with Rokinon / Samyang CINE lenses - all manual. My FF Samyang 85mm works well on the GH5 S via the XL BUT my Rokinon CINE 10mm APSC has an issue (showing two black lines on both sides of the lens / sensor...) Question then... will the Metabones Ultra .71 be enough to eliminate this?? Many thanks for the much needed info in advance!!
  2. LOL... :D. Point taken. I have an advantage over P B as I then have so much more to learn! However I bought a very expensive 64Gb SDXC card to enable XAVC-S. I also bought a Sigma 18-35 F1.8 ART lens. I definitely now see a better image with less noise. I compared the image last night to my GH4 with a 17.5 Voigtlander F0.95 fitted. I was amazed on how good the GH4 image was up to ISO 800. The tests were done 30 min. after sunset with some sky glow left. I had to fit the Sigma to the A7s via a "cheap" NEX - Canon lens adapter. When zoomed in I see a large blacked out image with clear video in the "inner" part of the image. As I zoom out the black on the outer sides starts to disappear until about 70% zoomed out where after I start to see the full image. Is this caused by the cheap adapter? Will a Metabones speedbooster cure this issue? ***** Friday 5 Dec. I made a silly mistake and thought that the "auto" in the APS-C mode would detect the lens automatically. I did not! I manually activated APCS-C mode and now the adapter & lens seems to be married well to the A7s!
  3. Can one use Canon APC lenses on the A7s? I suppose it must be in APC mode and you'll need an adaptor?
  4. Thanks!! I shot about 15 min. after sunset which left enough "glow". There were also some lights from the house next door and my outdoor light was on. The video was not bad but it had too much noise - the stuff I saw from Philllip Bloom made my buy this camera and now I see just noise in my video that I do not see in his.... I'll get the right card and try again!
  5. I received my A7s last week. At this stage I mainly shoot video and only in AVCHD because I must still receive my SD card. Compared to my GH4 I'm not very please at all. I really struggle to get quality low light video as I see a lot of noise in most of the videos. Three questions: 1. What type of SDXC card will work with the A7s? (I had a 64Gb class 10 95Mb/s - this seems to be a problem as the write speed is only 45Mb/s??) 2. Will the XAVC-S codec improve my video quality in low light? 3. What do I have to check in the video setting to improve low light without so much noise? I used profile 6 to access the lower ISO range. I shot with a APC sensor prime lens from my NEX 5R (16mm F2.8) at 1600 ISO (NTSC) and dropped the frame rate to 30 to allow more light.) Comments will be appreciated.
  6. Help me out... I shoot in 24p 4K. I then tried: 1. Importing to Premiere CS6 as 24p and then export to 25p (PAL). It does its "jumps". 2. I import the 24p in a 25p profile. Premiere warns that the sequence differ from the source. I keep the sequence and export to 25p. I get the $$%% "jumps". 3. Same as above but I now change at the warning to "change" to match source - I get the "jumps". What do I do wrong here?
  7. I own a GH4 and I like the camera. It is not so good in low light as you all mentioned - even with the Voitlander 17.5 attached. I struggle with the 24p stuff in a PAL region as it seems if the PAL system regularly tries to "catch" up to correct the output to 25p and then the output image has that %$%$ little "jump" I see in the video - which I hate with a passion!. I'm now VERY tempted to buy a A7s body as well.... I seem to have your blessing?? :-) (I only have a 10 - 18 & 50mm 1.8 Canon full frame lens and will buy a "cheap" lens adapter for now - no money for Sony lenses left!!) In a very, very general way - if I rate the GH4 a 90% camera, what would the A7s be compared to it?
  8. When I shoot in manual mode CK4 24p I can not see that the IOS works. I get the same look (shaking) with the IOS on and off. However when I shoot in C1 auto FHD 1080 200mps, the IOS is working OK..... very confusing to say the least!
  9. Very nice! I seems as if the video is jumping (not smooth) - especially the panning parts? Could this be Youtube?
  10. Very interesting. I have a 12-35mm (new) Lumix on my GH4 and I see ZERO stabilization with the IOS switched on... Do we have a problem here?
  11. I want to use my GH4 on a 3 axis gimbal for shooting video and I'm awaiting the gimbal to arrive. There will be much moving scenes. What will be the best settings to use? Do I go auto focus or manual? Do I switch off image stabilization? How well will the chip handle this "movement" as well as panning? I have used the GH4 on a tripod and did some slow to moderate pans and the image was not that great while panning.... Regards Wynand
  12. Sorry - I checked. It was set at 1/4.... The problem is not the play back while in Premiere. It is the rendered file that plays with "jumps" here and there.
  13. OK - so I will not be able to shoot CK4 24p and down convert to PAL 1080p...?
  14. Yes - I resized the recorder window in Premiere. When 4K content is pulled in it usally displays "zoomed" in. After resizing the recorder window till I see the full image of the first frame I normally hit the return key and render the video before exporting. (I hope I answered your question?)
  15. I'm brand new here and live in South Africa. I bought a GH4 from a dealer that had to import the camera as Panasonic seems not to supply it to South Africa currently. So, I'm rather alone in trying to sort things out. After doing about 300 short movie clips with it, I kind of know the camera by now. My problem comes after shooting a clip. I use Premiere CS6 and Vegas 13 to do my rendering and all the clips are shot in CinelikeD CK4 24p profile. When I import the clip from the camera's Sandisk 280Mbps U3 Ultra Fast Card into Premiere, I render the clip before exporting in 1080p. The rendered product does not play back smoothly. It has numerous "judders / jitters) and makes the footages useless. We use the PAL system here and I have wondered if the problem could be a sync issue between the 24p and the PAL system (which is 25p). I use a i5 PC with Windows Professional 64bit, 8Gb Ram and a 7200 rpm drive (2Tb). I also installed a quality 4Gb Asus graphics card. Last week I took my footage to a media house working with top end Apple PCs, asked them to render the file and got about the same "poor" result. I must say they said it was the first time they worked with 4K. What am I doing wrong? I'm by now at then of the rope and frustrated. Any suggestions / help will be highly appreciated. Regards
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