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  1. I am surprised that the top camera companies aren't trying to hire you as a consultant to help improve their products, Andrew. Many of the things that you rant about are valid points. But the Japanese are a strange sort anyway, they embrace change very slowly.
  2. As for the switching from 4K to 1080p in a hurry or wanting to quickly re-frame by switching from full frame to APS-C or visa-versa, could those be setup in the menus that are available by pushing the Function button? You can customize what is served up from the function button, so maybe you can set these 2 items up in there.
  3. Andrew Do you think that you could update this list when you have time? It's a bit outdated now, but was useful information. List of camera rankings for video quality Alexa Sony F65 Red Dragon Sony F55 Canon 1D C and C500 (in 4K) 5D Mark III (Magic Lantern Raw Video) Blackmagic cameras Canon C300 / C100 with ext. recorder Panasonic GH3 / GM1 / GH2 5D Mark III (Stock ALL-I 1080p codec) Nikon D5300 Olympus E-M1 Canon 5D Mark II /w Mosaic Engineering AA filter Nikon D800 Sony A7R Nikon D610 Sony A7 Sony NEX 7 / 5N Canon Rebels and the new 70D Samsung’s stuff Fuji’s half-attempt at something video related
  4. Other than the tilting screen, what Video features does the D750 offer, that you don't get on the D810?
  5. Hi Andrew I have a fair collection of Nikon glass, but have been without a Nikon body for the last 8 months. The dilemma nowI am ready to buy one, is, D750 or D810. Are the improvements in video that you see here also on the D810? The new Codec, The way the sensor reads out, and the flat colour profile? Putting price aside, what would you say are the advantages one way or another, between the 2 cameras from a videographers viewpoint? Any feedback would be appreciated.
  6. Any info on how the sensor reads out? How about stabilization? Looks like an interesting camera, but having 2 systems already (E Mount & MFT) unlikely that I will be making a switch to Samsung anytime soon. It will be interesting to see how the quality is on H265, but it may be degraded by the type of sensor readout. P.S. Any release schedule for the A7s shooters guide.
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