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  1. I have a pair of big Canon copiers that also overheat when making copies nonstop for more than 5 minutes. My solution: running an 18" fan at full blast on them.
  2. Does the grayed-out 50.00P in RAW means the frame rate is actually available in the compressed formats? FF DCI 8K60/50p available right out of the gate on the first 8K capable consumer hybrid camera! That will be MINDBLOWING!
  3. Love how the reviewer describes the AF: "It's like Spider Man: takes a really vicious grip on the subject". Outtakes from the first video : "focusing is as easy as using a camcorder", "each frame is like a perfectly focused 8MB still picture" and "viewed on a 75" 4K TV the image has a natural movie look to it (refering to front/rear bokeh)". But the most important outtake comes from the second video: "the A6300... allows us to get rid of the follow focus crew member altogether". Brilliant, just brilliant. This camera is going to put a lot of people out of work!
  4. Andrew, I know you have wrote on the forum that you had send back the NX500 already because its 4k crop is horrible, but seeing that you have just done such a thorough review on the EOS M3 which you have found very lacking video-wise, wouldn't it be fair for the NX500 to have just as thorough a review, given that its video and stills chops are above the M3's at roughly the same price? You just left a lot of folks expecting your 2nd installment on the NX500, me included, and at least for me I didn't realize that you weren't going to until I read your posts on the forum, after opening your main
  5. Thanks for pointing that out. My comments were made because your question states the D5200 image sensor as being made by Sony and my recollection of this was Chipworks' article on their findings that the D5200's sensor was actually made by Toshiba, so the purpose of my comment was to lead you to the correct facts. But since I haven't previously dug about the later sensors from the D5300 and the D3300 I assumed that just like on the D7100 all were carrying Toshiba sensors. Now, after digging further, I just came across Thom Hogan's findings that Nikon is basically making their own sensors fo
  6. The D5200's sensor, and presumably all 24mp APS-C sensors used by Nikon thereafter, come from Toshiba. Go here for confirmation: http://www.chipworks.com/en/technical-competitive-analysis/resources/blog/inside-the-nikon-d5200-dslr-toshiba-found/ Also presumably, the only non-Toshiba 24mp APS-C sensor used by Nikon is the one on the D3200, which is actually a Nikon sensor: http://www.chipworks.com/en/technical-competitive-analysis/resources/blog/full-frame-dslr-cameras-part-1-nikon-vs-sony/
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