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  1. You're talking about wedding videography - but it already happened to wedding photography some years ago. The market is saturated with wedding photographers now and making a living from the business is getting harder. Prices have been driven down and customers expect me and my wife to spend 12 hours at their event rather than the 5 hours we spent ten years ago. More pictures, more editing time. Things change and you cannot put the genie back in the bottle I'm afraid. With weddings the vast majority of couples are not clued up enough on the difference between okay and good. That is where
  2. When the new Metabones adaptor was launched in August I immediately ordered one to go with my new Olympus. There was a review of the adaptor here and it was fitted to the GH4. However it quickly became apparent that the adaptor would not fit the Olympus cameras, so I cancelled my order. A replacement 'S' model is now out and I wonder if any of you have tried it on the E-M1 yet? Jim
  3. Looking at your picture No6, the hex bolt on the left looks as if somebody has tightened it with too small a key because the edges look a bit burred over. Perhaps it was a review copy?
  4. Just to be clear - I think the new Speedbooster is totally incompatible with the E-M1. The protruding prism prevents the adaptor being mounted at all - or so I read. I had to cancel my order last week which is a great shame. If anybody knows differently please let me know. Jim
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