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  1. Thanks Andrew, great review! I'm nearly sold. Couple of questions: ND filters internal or screw-on? And does it do 4K at 24p? You say they added this, but B&H doesn't mention it. Thanks!
  2. Nice job, Zach! What did you edit in? And which PP did you shoot with?
  3. Thanks for a very good review, Andrew! I'd appreciate if you'd list any specific tweaks you've made to the settings for S-log or any other picture profiles you used. It's a complicated business! Specifically, have you adjusted any of the Detail settings and subsettings like Crispening?
  4. Yes, looking forward to Part deux! Especially more info about the actual differences between the different gammas and other things in the picture profiles -- like, what is crispening exactly? (That's in the Detail submenu.) And what does black gamma do? Any insight into these things would be a big help.
  5. Yes, I read about this on an A7s Event Shooters user group on Facebook. Exact same trouble!
  6. Found answers to some questions here: http://***URL not allowed***/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/PXW-FS7_Brochure.pdf Batteries look like the ones for the F3 XQD cards (whatever those are!) 4.5kg fully loaded ('bout 10 lbs)
  7. Sounds like a terrific camera! Any idea of the weight, with and without the servo lens? Any ideas what batteries it takes? SxS or some other cards? And the most important: rolling shutter? (I got really burned with the rolling mess of the A7s...) Or (hope hope) global shutter of some sort? Enquiring minds, and all that! Oh, and I read somewhere that it is launching with UHD, full 4K with firmware update in 2015.
  8. Oz, what did you use to capture slow motion? The Memory App (or whatever it's called)?
  9. Thanks for a very useful review, Andrew! Looking to make this a B camera/steadicam to work with other xdcam cameras. One question, has anyone tried recording the 4K on the Odyssey 7Q using an HDMI to HD-SDI convertor like Blackmagic sells?
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