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  1. I've oonly just seen the article but that fact that iIam bumping an old thread really has nothing to do with anything does it Matthias. Do you like being lied to for the sake of click bait? TThe article was false the day it was written and it is still false today. You may not value the truth but I do So the Ursa Mini has been delayed, that stuff happens. False reporting though is not really acceptable.
  2. Nonsense! The Ursa Mini has Not shipped. Some guys that work for BM managed to get their hands on two to shoot the wedding video. I've looked everywhere and no one has received these yet. Please check you facts before posting false news.
  3. Hmmmm, the GH3 had 72Mbps All-I and it was nothing to write home about. I found the IBP at 50Mbps to be better. The GH4's 1080p Intra is 200Mbps so why is Olympus' 24fps at 72Mbps exciting? Not seeing it.
  4. There are PLENTY of people still using the 5DIII/H.264 for paid television work. It's still the industry standard DSLR......
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