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  1. Andrew, do you mean any version of Yosemite? because i'm using Yosemite on a SSD right now to comment on this and i've heard nothing from any other sources having the same issue. I've used an external SSD over thunderbolt for the Yosemite Beta, and now for the full release which i only updated an hour ago. no issues yet. for the record i'm using a Lacie SSD with thunderbolt
  2. i think the article answers the battery and memory cards questions. also the slide show someone posted above has more
  3. FS700r's hold their value relatively well. you can hawk that off for a nice piece of coin. if you were making money with it, surely you've made back your investment, so it doesn't matter. if you haven't made back your investment, and you aren't using it to make money, they why get it in the first place? so if you made back your investment, then sell it off. cause after your investment is made back its pure profit to sell it. then throw it all towards one of these if you want.
  4. woo-hoo! yea this feels like a home run for me. just wish that lens wasn't so expensive, or that they had been more public about its ISO specs
  5. honestly, though the image suffered, the Sony NEX-EA50 had some of the best ergonomics in a interchangeable lens camera in the last several years. if it didn't completely suck in low light situations and/or just had the sensor and features of the a7S, it would have probably been the perfect camera. except then you couldn't get it in small spaces... give and take.
  6. alan, i'm sorry you were having these issues, and i hope you figured them out. i was a beginner when i got my blackmagic pocket. what you need to understand is that this is not like anything else. it requires very careful disciplined action to make this camera work the way you want and this will make you a better film maker. its like learning with a older film camera, because so many similarities. but unfortunately thats not for everyone. for some a sony or canon would be better :-/ hope you stuck to it though and mastered this camera. if you do (did) there are great rewards, as it has an amazing image
  7. i don't know why you are using autofocus at all. its a computer, even the best autofocus has no clue what you want! if you bought a camera with a professional purpose and only use it in auto mode, then send it back and get a refund. these cameras were meant to be used with the operator in full control and the bmpcc only has auto functions as a bonus feature. you should not rely on it for serious work
  8. not sure what you mean by that question. you balance your color and adjust your exposure just like any other footage. then you apply a lut or grade. maybe could you ask a more specific question? does it behave differently? absolutely. no 2 cameras will behave the same when you break it down. the bmpcc has a slight red shift compared to the a7S for example. but outside of that not sure what you are asking. ummm... technicolor isn't a true log i think, so that may be something you have to keep in mind. canon footage shot in cinestyle will have a lot more grain IMHO, i have used technicolor cinestyle with my old canon's before i moved to sony and blackmagic, and i always had issues getting what i wanted. but then your mileage and skill may vary.
  9. but that could be due to the grade, that doesn't mean its the camera. while i applaud Andrew Reid for making these LUT's, and i've tested them, i also have to admit that i don't care for them. i prefer the look of the KinoLUT for the a7S. regardless, its worth giving it a chance. i love mine and can testify that the colors are very flexible, and its up the user what you do with them
  10. I can confirm that the BMPCC and the a7S cut together REALLY well when the a7S is used in slog2. i will be posting a short promo i filmed with both shortly, but suffice to say i'm so happy to have both. they play together very nicely
  11. with my a7S i have discovered using a monopod is handy. but then so is switching to aps-c mode and using a stabilized lens. its pretty much the same as any other camera, except the full frame mode is very prone to rolling shutter. ps, to the moderator, in a "late night idiot" moment i accidentally clicked "report" post instead of "quote". this was an honest mistake. sorry :-(
  12. have u thought about the tamron 24-70mm stabilized lens? Tamron has gotten some good reviews for that lens
  13. so question for Andrew Reid. if you were to update the video camera image quality pecking order chart you updated back in February, where would you place everything now? would the a7S qualify as tier 1 to you? or tier 2? thanks.
  14. agreed, too clumsy. but I love the image it produces when I handle it properly. in fact I think it's best to force yourself to use it if you are just learning. having those restrictions will force you to learn a LOT! it's not a crutch. it's a crucible. it will be a trial by fire to get what you need if you go bare bones but you will be better off when u get a tool like the a7S
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