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  1. I absolutely love the shots with the group behind the rappers at the front, looks so slick
  2. Wow that was a pleasure to watch, so many beautiful shots!
  3. Just found the screening room, ignore that last part of the post haha!
  4. Perfect advice, thank you very much! I shall be investing more into various lenses =D You know what, that makes perfect sense! I've always lived by a rule of "until you can create a master piece with bare basic equipment, there's no point in getting expensive equipment". For now, I'm going to get a tiny little hand held rig and over time just add to it if and when I need it. Great advice, thank you so much! As I'm new to all this, I'd be interested to see what other people on the forum are making and how they made it, is there a place where I can go, like on a members profile or something? Thanks again everyone =D
  5. Hey guys, Firstly, thankyou so much for the advice! There's a lot to take in, so I'm going to quote and reply best I can: Yeah it's not exactly what I want, I've done a lot of sound work for projects using booms and external recorders, I just wondered if there was something decent to "whack on the rig". The rig isn't THAT important to me, most things I've shot have been entirely hand-held anyway, but I've had a lot o advice from film makers that I've worked with/friends with, that eventually, something may come up where you wish you had a rig of some kind. Through my research (not that I'm that great at research aha), the one I posted seems to be a whole package, so for me, that just seems easier with my limited knowledge. I've never actually even looked at any other brand other than Canon! This is mostly because I've only ever worked with Canon cameras, but I will defo do some research into this! Thankyou very much =D I have about 8-10 projects worth of external mic/boom experience so far, so I still have a LOT to learn, but it's better than having none at all haha. I do fully agree with you about the rigging comment, I've seen friends shooting music videos with steady cams for static shots, which I've done completely hand-held and had the same result. That being said, as I mentioned earlier, it's mainly based on other film makers saying that I will wish I had one eventually. I'm not experienced enough to build my own rigs or to know what I'd need for what projects yet, that's why I opted for this rig, at it does seem to have everything that I might possibly need, if I need a rig at all. Do bare in mind though, although it's listed down, I wont be buying these things in this order, or prioritising rigs over camera equipment, it's just something that I will eventually acquire when the time is right! I mainly use free hand, but for a short film that I helped with last month, we were using a RED with a shoulder rig, and I found it incredibly useful. Saying that, after this thread, I may well choose something entirely different, it's just what I have in my mind at the moment. Thankyou for your advice! Again, this is exactly why I've posted this, as I'm not entirely sure aha! I have a few friends with 7D's, 5D mk3's, 6D's, 60D's... And all of them with full frame say they are so happy they invested in it, and all those without it say they wish they had it, so when chatting to them, they said even though I may not have use for it right off the cuff, if I can save a little extra and get one, then I'll be thankful for it down the road. Thanks for this, defo some new stuff to look into! As I said, I have no experience with these other cameras, but have seen some great stuff from them, so will look more into them over the next few days =] With 4K though, I've heard so much about it not being fully "out there" yet that there's no point using it? I'm not entirely sure what that means, but what's you opinion on it? (I've never seen any 4K footage yet, nor do I have a 4K monitor, so I have absolutely ZERO experience in this). OK it seems that I'll be getting an external mic set up! I've used plenty of Zoom mics, so I think I'll stick with that. With the lenses, all the stuff I've looked at so far has really been about having a kit, and the Rokinons seem to pop up everywhere I look aha, but yeah the reason they're here now is mainly because it seems to be a good starting point, although I have been looking at some other cine lenses but they are a little bit out of my budget for now (50k anyone?). I've been told to stay away from zoom lenses and get as much experience with primes as is humanely possible, as apparently this will help me out in the future if I ever want to work on bigger projects. I'm not sure how true this is, so maybe someone can shed some light as to why, but that's what I'm working off at the moment. In regards to the filters, I hadn't even thought about that! Cheers =D This A7S keeps popping up, beginning to think I should do some serious looking into this! Thanks! xD I'm really sorry for the way I've quoted this stuff out, hopefully it's not too much of an ass to read, but again, thankyou to all who are replying and giving advice, I really do appreciate it.
  6. Hey guys, How's it going? I'm new to the forum, so please forgive me if I've posted in the wrong place :) So basically, I'm looking to invest in some of my own video equipment. I've spent the last year or two either borrowing other people's DSLR's and lenses, or using what is provided on set. I've done a lot of research into what it is exactly that I'm looking for, and so far I've decided on; The Rig: http://www.camerakings.co.uk/lanparte-professional-kit-v2-with-7-hdmi-monitor-save-800 The Lenses: http://www.amazon.com/Full-Rokinon-Cine-Lens-Kit/dp/B00COBBON0/ref=pd_sim_sbs_p_6?ie=UTF8&refRID=0C6FYJ70JXY3BDKC1KA1 Now what I'm stuck on, is the camera body and how I'm going to deal with audio. I want a full frame camera, but I don't have enough for a 5D MK3, so I was thinking the 6D, but I've read so many varying reviews on it, that I really am getting completely lost. I film things like short films, live events and a little Youtube video series based in a tattoo shop (think Miami Ink, but amateur haha :P ). Is there anybody here who could advise me on which camera body would suit me best? And perhaps the best way to deal with audio? I usually work with a zoom etc, but I'm kinda looking for a whack everything on the rig solution, if it's possible to just have a mic plugged into the camera that Magic Lantern hack might make usable... I apologise if this doesn't make sense, I have a bit of experience in DSLR shooting, but I'm stumped at this point! Any help is a blessing :D Thankyou guys :wub:
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