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  1. Just one remark, currently there exist noe Metabones Speedbooster for Canon EOS -> M43 (GH4). Form what I hear, Metabones are struggling with the electronics to make AF work. Some cheap focallength reducers "speedbooster-copies" are available on ebay, though fully manual, and optics are probably not as good as Metabones. Does the A7S support only 720p in S35 mode? Or also 4K and 1080p ? Ole
  2. Hi all, new here! :) I've been trying to find out if the A7S can shoot 4K in s35 mode. Can somebody confirm it can or can't? I have the A7R, with speedbooster, and it shoots 1080p in crop mode (s35) as we know. Hence, being able to 4K+S35+SB on the A7S will be fantastic. Ole
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