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  1. The only person being elitist is you, by thinking the medium they are choosing to use isn't good enough.
  2. Using film can give an artist something to react to. Something tangible and predetermined in look and feel. If that feeling benefits the filmmaker then who cares if they use it. Skin-tones and dynamic range hold a very subjective importance. The artist feeling inspired and reactionary has more value and film can force that value with certain filmmakers. Christopher Nolan's films feel cold because of Christopher Nolan, not because he's shooting film. He has the best of the best loading and cleaning his cameras, it doesn't take any more time or thought on his part. I hope film never goes away. Diversity and character in our tools as filmmakers is a beautiful thing that is being watered down by the ease with which technically pristine images can be captured.
  3. You really only need to say Nikon, no optical low pass filter and 36.3mp to sell it as a stills camera. After that even saying the word photograph seems redundant. I want someone to drop me off in the woods with one of these, a 21mm Zeiss prime, a mule carrying two big jugs of water and a backpack containing a shovel, toilet paper and fifty clif bars. Good luck to anyone who buys this camera just because it says video all over it.
  4. Someone is ripping off Temptation by New Order pretty hard. I like the lack of super clean stabilization. Rough edges, practical effects, men and their technology. What's not to like.
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