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  1. I actually solved the problem. I did not apply enough force when I tried it the first time. I applied two reduction rings to the filter thread of the focus ring and was able to pull it off. I think it's better to mark the focusring's position on the inside before pulling it off, so finding infinity when reassembling is easier. I did not apply the actual mod yet because I want to install a new stopper after 360 degree rotation, but it turned out to be harder than I thought.
  2. I have reading some descriptions of successful close focus mods of the iscorama 36 and tried the same method with my pre 36. I did remove the front ring with the iscorama inscription and serial number on it with the help of a drinking glas and hotglue. After that step removing the four screws underneath should release the plastic ring with the focus scale on it, but it doesnt move at all. I tried to applie mild force but it stayed where it was. Tried google and forum search but I couldn't find any actual description of a pre 36 mod. Can anyone help?
  3. If you suggest to use the speedbooster, what do you need the PL mount option for at all?
  4. I see there are the most votes for a full frame friendly set starting with 24mm at the widest. So, I assume (wich is pretty logical) that of course the very big full frame crowd (A7s, 5d3, D810 maybe speedbooster users) did their fair share of voting. Thing is, tis set will cost slightly above 10k$ when released. I don't see any A7s user shelling out that amount of cash, when there is the samyang/rokinon cinema lenses option around. The uniqueness of the SLR Magic set is the PL mount. The cheapest new 6 Lens set that has PL mount starts at 20k + tax. So I see the real customers in those that are used to prices like 20k+ that are now very happy that they don't need to spend as much. Of course, not only those will buy, but I would say they should be served first. My preference would be (18), 21, 25, 35, 50, 85. Later I would add a 135mm
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