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  1. There is a need because if you read most of the comments here people think that its 13 stops in video mode. It was the first thing the article should have mentioned. Never let the truth get in the way of a good story when a GH4 is concerned...
  2. GH4 does not have 13 stops of DR for video. DXOMark's dynamic range measurement is only for stills. If their test was for video too then if you look at their Nikon D800 tests that would mean the D800 had a DR of 14.4 and its only 12 for video.
  3. You guys dont seem to realise you CANT judge rolling shutter by filming a monitor with a second camera. You have the native rolling shutter of the actual camera. You have the refresh rate of the monitor its being fed into with HDMI. You then have the rolling shutter of the camera filming the monitor. Thats a compounded 3 layers of lag and NOTHING like what the cameras actual rolling shutter would actually be, and I'm really surprised anyone would even try it.
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