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  1. I picked up a Panasonic G6 after reading the praise on this site and plan on using that with a PL mount adapter. the larger lens came with mounting bracket with screw mounts in the bottom. I suppose I will have to at minimum look into investing in a Manfrotto 509HD tripod system. If not an O'Connor or something larger. I am also considering picking up a GH4 to use it with.
  2. Thanks everyone. I tried the search engine route and while it turned up similar lenses, I found nothing that looked like the particular ones I had. Being SD broadcast lenses, will they be unable to properly resolve an HD image?
  3. I was hoping someone on this forum might be able to let me know what I have come across here. I have acquired what appear to be some pretty neat Canon Cinema lenses. I have been unable to find any information about them online. I was wondering whether they are of any use or value. The models are as follows: Canon J15X8.5B T1.8 Zoom Canon J5X19.5B T1.6 Macro Zoom They seem to be outfitted with PL mounts and are fully manual aside from the removable servo zoom box. These are HUGE and quite heavy. Any input would be fantastic. Thank you! I would attach some photos but I am li
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