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  1. Unfortunately, the 1.1 firmware does not fix this. This is what I've sent to the service center: ____ Had trouble even upgrading ... and it is still frozen after the upgrade. With the bin file on a card, you put the card in, and turn on the camera, then press play ... guess what, it displays the screen asking if you want to upgrade (see attached pic) but then freezes, presumably because it is in the playback menu! I tried the WiFi hack I described before... started it up, connected to WiFi, and after doing this a few different ways (card in initially, card out..) I got to a s
  2. Hardware glitch: This happened to me after 2 weeks of daily use in Europe while traveling, after a few thousand pics... Pressing the review button to check images, or going into any item in the review menus, will lock up the camera. It's on, with an image in the display, but frozen. Have to take the battery out to get out of the frozen state. Still takes pics, but can't review. Reset to base settings doesn't fix it. There is a thread on the dpreview m43 forum (crash crash crash) where it appears two others have had the same. One user mentioned a fix ... and it works temporaril
  3. I can answer it myself ... after looking at the chapter list, figured I have a lot I can learn from this book, even if there will be things about the GH4 that are new. Went ahead and ordered; waiting for the email to arrive. Lots of learning to do!
  4. I've got a GH4 on order, and without having a GH4 manual available yet, wondered how useful this book on the GH3 would be to get up to speed on the operation of the new model? Is there enough similarity that it will be more useful than confusing? (I suspect I know the answer...) ..Mike
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