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  1. In that dpreview comparison the A7s has the cleanest jpeg image compared to any other camera,So i agree the video quality should be really good like those fish video. I think Andrew rushed this article.
  2. I feel those videos are fake.
  3. IMO they shouldn't price it more then a A7R after all its only the sensor and the software processing which is different.
  4. There is no need for speed booster in the A7s. Just look at the video below.OMG
  5. This guy says the 80000iso on the A7s looks better then the 5dmk3 at 6400iso
  6. That Hexanon is indeed sharp. I think the Sony with the right lens is sharp but like you said its is clipping.
  7. Actually both the Sony 16-50 and 16F2.8 are soft and crap respectively compared to the Panny 12-35 F2.8. Except a few primes in Sony only the Zeiss and Sony G lenses are good. Even the 16-70 zeiss is soft compared to the panny.The 18-55mm kit lens bundled in older Nex is better then those two Sony lenses.
  8. A6000 sensor gets reviewed at dxomark http://www.dxomark.com/Reviews/Sony-A6000-sensor-review-Little-wonder/Sony-A6000-High-sensor-performance
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