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  1. Hi, we did recently shoot a short film "The Journey". It's about Courage, Hope, Experience ... What is nice and what is not so well done? A short feedback would be very nice guys / girls. Here is the link: https://productionawards.sony.eu/videos/student/ea60dc22de239e94e902aa8d29576746#.UzNlM_l5Ph7 or https://productionawards.sony.eu/go/697 Description: We all wait for that one moment, that will enlight our heart, we will see things different. We will start, to search for love, search for answers, search for reasons. The flame in our Heart, will overcome the fear to lose, the fear to ask, the fear to understand. Time only goes forward, so should we. Learn from the Past, live in the moment and hope for the future. Believe in yourself. Have fun ! We just want feedback but if you want to support us you can vote, too. Anyways, thanks for either of them guys / girls.
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