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  1. Thanks for the reply Maxotics. You need to check out some of the video reviews of the 70D though, as you'll see it's autofocus (thanks to the new sensor and the way they use it) is amazing. No hunting around for focus on subjects... just touch the touch-screen and it goes there.
  2. Hi, This thread has been interesting (but confusing.. for me) reading. As a total newbie who has an interest in video production, how hard is it to use a manual focus? How do I get smooth focus changes a-la the autofocus on the 70D? It seems for smooth autofocus the Canon 70D has no equal... all the other camera's on autofocus have to hunt for the exact spot, which would ruin a sequence. So the only other alternative is manual focus... so how hard is it? Do you have to prepare all your shots beforehand as in pro production, or can you just go on holiday and capture on the spot smoothly? I understand that you say the GH3 and even G6 have better video quality, but if the 70D is easier to use for a newbie, you can see the attraction.
  3. mandyleigh.com I'm here researching what camera to buy for video's and came across the thread. Mandyleigh is my wife. She recorded the album live in the studio in London, with the producer of Frank Zappa/Van Morrison etc and muso's from Frank Zappa/Van Morrison and Steeleye Span. Personally, 'Let it Go' is my favourite song, though 'Winters Day' is a close second as I love early 70's rock. Many of the songs are about her dealing with her suicidal depression that she had many years ago. I wrote 'Grey' about her (bring your razorblades for that one! :) ). Believe it or not but the dancey happy sounding 'Keep The Silence' was also about her depression (as she felt she couldn't speak about it to anyone and no-one wanted to hear how she felt... inc her own family). Have fun if you use any song.
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