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  1. the image is nice but to me it looks like video
  2. I don't know... I looked at the specs of this cam and is basically an A7sII on steroids....yes with the RAW option it would make it more appealing but I am not sure for the money...
  3. Looks good indeed but I haven't been able to find mini XLR cables I can use with my wireless lavs...so that is sort of an issue. If anyone knows where I can find the cables it would be great. BH doesn't carry them. Or i have not been able to find them. Thanks Really? that is not good. but if you can do it with the camera then the problem is solved.
  4. Canon has been cashing in on the success generated from 5D MKII, and truly they have not cared to be on the right side of things that way. I use the C300 which is a really good camera, lovely image BUT lacks SO MUCH! and at $13k I really do not think it is justified. They need another game changer IF they really want to stay in this game. The GH4 it is only the beginning.
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