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  1. ​Thank you Noone.. Can't find anyone who has shot at super high ISO's for TV. We have borrowed one for some tests and i think we can get away with 20000. That will give us the DOP required to shoot some action out in the salty brine.. With the A7S not having much in terms of weather sealing, we are wondering how long it will take us to kill one. Our GH4's have been taking saltwater waves over them a few times now and they run without issues after a hose and dry down. The only thing that speaks for the A7S (in my case) is the low light performance unfortunately. A GH camera with FF would be fantastic..
  2. Thanks for that.. 20000 looks pretty impressive...is that the sweet spot for high iso? Like 5Diii native iso's 160-320-640-1250-2500 and so on, has the A7S got similar or just the 3200 for s-log2? How long before NAB 2015 do they release the news on new gear? anyone expecting something new FF wise?
  3. ​season 4 of National TV show on air in NZ and AUS. This season we are doing a fair bit of night fishing, hence my problem.. Thanks
  4. Hello So: Shooting a fishing show on a large trailer boat. Only me, so a busy man! 2 host's with lavalier mic's, + ambient audio on Rode X (waves, motor, birds, wind and so on) Shooting with 5Diii (not ML) with on-camera light and Rode stereo mic X on top + Tascam running Sennheiser G3 lavelier's in my belt. Problems: For a lot of the fishing i'm not allowed too much light, so try to stay at ISO2500 at F4 if i can. Sometimes i need to go to ISO5000 when they need more darkness not to spook the fish. 5000 is really pushing it for broadcast though and my editor is not overly exited about ISO5000. Focussing on the 5Diii with Zacuto: never 100% sure i'm in focus. I do the same as everyone else, i just turn the focus ring a bit, only to find out that i was in focus:) so all/most clips have got these small focus in/out's that makes it look very "unpro" I have tried focus peaking on ML, but it's really bad in the dark. I just hate the feeling of never being 100% sure that i'm in perfect focus. Obviously ended up looking at the A7S which on paper and by tests sounds amazing. I read about bad placement of the record button, but how bad can it be..! Real bad!! Pretty much a deal breaker for me at this stage. You need to grow a small and thin extra finger between your thumb and index finger unless you throw the camera over in your left hand and then find the button with your right index finger. What a complete and utter f-up. Only solution i can see is to buy/build a cage for it so you have an extra handle to the right hand side so you can push the rec button with your index finger. This will work i think, but in the dark i still need to be able to find that recessed rec button. Im thinking of contact glueing on a small plastic button on top of the rec button, otherwise i'll be fumbling around after it constantly. I understand you can't assign another button for start stop recording? What about the battery grip, no record button on there either? Has the A7S that horrible AGC that Canon serves up? Is there another solution for me out there that i haven't looked at? And last, How high ISO would you think i can go to for broadcast TV on A7S?
  5. Thank you for a great review... Does anyone know where to preorder a PAL version?
  6. http://www.sandisk.com/products/memory-cards/sd/extremepro-sdxc-sdhc-uhs-ii/?capacity=64GB Will it work on the 5Diii for raw recording? Thanks
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