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  1. Do you have any links to some of the LX100 footage/videos you mention ?
  2. I got my LX100 yesterday. Don't know how it is compared to the GH4 + 12-35 combo, but the IS seems quite efficient from the tests that I did. The main thing I wanted to confirm is that the IS effectively deminished micro-jitters (which it does quite well, even while holding the camera in your hands only). And the image quality is quite stunning in 4K. I was also pleasantly surprised with image and noise performance in low light/higher ISOs. Up to now, I'm really happy I ordered one! Please report back for your thoughts once you'll have received and tested it!
  3. I wonder if some of you have any experiences with wide angle converters. If I purchase the LX100, I would be looking into a wide angle converter in order to get a 15-20ish mm field of view. I did a bit of research and narrowed it down to the following two : Canon WD-H43 43mm 0.7x wide angle converter lens http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/485502-REG/Canon_2072B001_WD_H43_43mm_0_7x_Wide.html OR Raynox HD-6600 43mm 0.66x wide angle converter lens http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/227155-REG/Raynox_HD_6600PRO_43_HD_6600_43mm_0_66x_Pro.html They both have pretty good reviews and seem relatively well built, but I'm wondering about image quality... Do these types of converter lenses decrease image quality to a high degree? (resolution, colors, alter flares, etc...) ? Might I just be better off purchasing a GoPro for wide shots? I didn't want to spend that extra money and I also wanted to maintain all the manual adjustments (which GoPros don't have).
  4. Was wondering about image stabilization. Is it decent? There are apparently 3 settings : one "normal" mode, one "active", one "off" (a bit like RX100). I'd like to know if the modes are effective, and if they reduce resolution and picture quality like the RX100 does. And would they also crop the image/change the focal length in doing so?
  5. Got it. It would make sense. But does anyone know if ex Tele is available in 1080p ? It would at least allow an option to extend the reach, if needed.
  6. Is the Ex. TELE CONV. function available on the LX100 ? It would give an option of a decent telephoto focal length, and based on this function with the GH2 and G6, the loss of resolution and increased noise wouldn't be too bad, especially with the added resolution of the 4K image.
  7. Yesterday it was announced at "$9.99, more than half off, for 3 days only". It hasn't been 3 days yet!!! Why the quick change? I would have paid 10$ to give it a curious read and encourage EOSHD but 20$ I find a bit much for a GH2 guide, what with GH2 owners most likely using the camera less and less, especially with newer M43 cameras out and a plethora of other promising ones coming. Hey Andrew, any chance of making a special $9.99 deal for those of us who saw it offered at that price yesterday? I promise I won't tell anyone else about it... I'll even pre-order the GH4 shooter's guide! Thanks for considering!
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