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  1. The big question is how much are the cards going to cost us??? Nice to have a cheap Ferrari, but does you no good if you can't afford the oil changes.
  2. How do you explain the emergence of the Sigma 18-35 1.8 then? Why wasn't this lens around, say 10-20 years ago? You wouldn't call this technological progress? So why can't we have a 24-70 F/1.8 in say, 5 years?
  3. So who are these changes supposed to satisfy? Videographers? Not even close. Not at $2,000. Canon will have to pull a rabbit out from there sleeve on this one to entice videographers. They've been left in the dust by the Blackmagic's and Panasonics. They need a game changing feature the likes of IBIS or 422. 70D autofocus system isn't going to cut it.
  4. Compare Sony's implementation of the AVCHD codec to Panasonic's. Not even close. Sony has underwhelmed greatly on the video side. As snazzy as the A7s look and perform on the stills side, they're a huge letdown on the video side.
  5. I can't believe the em-1 doesn't have peaking in video mode. Come on, Olympus. I also have the GX7 as a camera 'B' because of the many drawbacks of the em-1. The GX7 packs a great number of the feature we come to expect in a small body, at a great price point.
  6. I would buy an em-1 if it had 24p and 60p at 1080. Andrew, when is the new firmware update expected to be released?
  7. It's sad to think that we've moved on to 4K without making an earnest effort in optimizing the image of 1080p - a standard so many have told their stories in - especially since it's technically possible to do so. Canon has no excuses.
  8. 1080 60p, headphone jack, and focus-peaking are deal-breakers, in my opinion. They simply must be there. From there we can talk about the codec. If they don't want to go 4K so as not to cannibalize the cinema line, they have to give us at least 100mb/s. That's still only half of what the GH4 will be providing. As for low-light and moire/aliasing - 7D mark II will need to best the GH4. I'm comparing to the GH4 because from all indications, the two cameras will be in the same class and price point.
  9. Great, a weather-sealed 70D. Where's the closest ATM machine? No doubt, Canon is neglecting video and have been for a while. It's much more cost effective for them to rely on Magic Lantern to make their devices sexy. What they don't realize though is that if they keep shunning videographers with their more affordable offerings, Magic Lantern will move on to greener pastures. The only way this camera will get my attention is if they improve the codec. Give us ProRes or perhaps even H265. Now that would be a splash. Not possible though, methinks.
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