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  1. Amazing considering you did everything yourself 

    how much time did you spend on the video aspect of this project ?

    ​Thanks Sebv. It was roughly 2 weeks for preproduction, two days for shooting and 1.5 months for the postproduction, which was really time consuming considering all the vfx it has. 

  2. Hi everyone,

    I want to share my latest video with you: 


    Due to budget constraints I had to do everything myself: writting, shooting, editing, color grading, vfx, and the music itself as well! 

    Any feedback is highly appreciated. 


  3. True Matt you do have a good point there. Low priced clean 1080p camera which does everything well.

    GH2 seems as close as we ever got! But it wasn't APS-C, Super 35mm.

    Nikon D5300 isn't far off, will be interesting to see if D5500 is an improvement.

    A7S is nice but expensive and heavy rolling shutter.

    Blackmagic lacks ergonomics, features, etc. but the Pocket remains a good buy.

    Magic Lantern raw video is what we want, but the file sizes can be an issue.

    So if the 760D does C100 quality video, I will be very happy, but also so surprised I might eat my 1D C.

    ​I agree here. 5Diii with ML RAW is the best choice if you want nice DR and color, and don't need 4k. There are some projects in which file sizes aren't such a problem and you can handle them. 

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