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  1. Any chance the firmware will address the 24p shortcoming? Anyone has some info or rumors? That's the only thing holding me back.
  2. brianl


    Which Nikon 10mm? Didn't know they had one that wide for the bmpcc.
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    Get a hand held light meter, the on board exposure tool is crap. Handheld meter will tell you so many things an onboard can't. Get a loop with magnification for focusing and a bunch of extra batteries. They're cheap. And don't waste your time with anything but a manual lens. For wide shots Kova makes a 6mm that's fast and sharp.
  4. I've done a lot of GH1 and GH2 shooting, so part of it was the desire to try something new. GH4 is more pricey and powerful and all, but bmpcc is unmatched bang for the buck IMO with the strong codec and DR. It's also the closest thing I've come across to a film workflow which floats my boat totally. ZERO regrets. BMPCC is a powerful camera but perhaps a 180 departure from GH4 which appears extremely sophisticate (in a cool way) with the module and 4k and I think it also makes Espresso. BMPCC is like an old Arri 16 or something. Very simple thing.
  5. Wow only $29. Does it have preset film looks? Preload setting that resemble a certain film stock for example?
  6. The BMPCC looks to have better DR than my GH2. But the French bloggers says the GH2 only has 3 stops of DR.
  7. The translator built in to Chrome does a reasonable job IMO. I had no trouble following it.
  8. This French guy is saying the BMPCC doesn't have the specs Black Magic claims. http://www.focus-numerique.com/test-1821/camescope-blackmagic-design-pocket-cinema-camera-caracteristique-1.html
  9. I agree with Burnet. There *is* absolutely such a thing as color accuracy. It's not subjective. There are all sorts of tools to calibrate accurate color. And most of them tend be pricey, starting with a real calibratable monitor. However that's not to say filmmakers don't deviate from those standards for any number of creative or techy reasons. But there is an objective standard for color. Come on folks. This is Video 101.
  10. This is cool looking but seems like it'd be useless without external monitor since that big shoulder assembly blocks camera's lcd.
  11. Probably. The software must be the gold standard for grading, and is commonly used in high end multi bay facilities with assigned parking spaces. But Black Magic is now selling a 999 camera, so there's a disconnect. The princes and paupers are suddenly in bed together.
  12. I picked up the wooden camera half cage for the bmpcc. I believe it, or something similar is must-have. BH was selling the Wooden Camera for 50 bucks a while back so it represents a nominal investment. However I think it's mandatory, having a two point contact makes a big different, the bmpcc just felt too flimsy mounted cageless. The profile of the lens also could be problematic due to clearance issues. Kinotehnik loupe seems to be a necessary evil for budget shooters. It's not particularly well engineered, there's slight bowing in the plastic in the edge that mates to the bmpcc which can cover the cam's (too small) data info. You should considering biasing the mount AWAY from the data readout to avoid obstructing critical info like ISO etc. The company's tech support is non existent. Until Zacuto releases their loupe, I'm not sure if there are other, better choices.
  13. IMO it's arbitrary. Many users feel similarly judging by various web forums/gripes.
  14. Resolve doesn't work on a lot of machines. That's my point. You can have a 50 core nano chip CPU require liquid nitro to keep it cool but if resolve doesn't like it, you got nothing.
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