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  1. The last two look good for 5 feet according to the pics. (look at the lens markings for 1.5 meters/ 5 feet).
  2. And oh yeah, if you buy an isco with a lens mounted on it (like a 70mm or something) you have to screw it off. The threads are glued, so it takes a lot of torque to get it off. Recommend gently tapping it to loosen up the glue. Some of the shorter focal lengths (under 65mm?) have a little set screw you have to unscrew to screw off the last little brass tube so you can get the back anamorphic element up close to your taking lens. DO NOT unscrew the ring of six little screws, these hold the back anamorphic element in place. If your back element gets loose, your whole image will be out of focu
  3. Also, if you do go the isco route, check the pictures of the lens barrel! Some focus to 5 feet and some only focus to 15 feet.
  4. I like the isco, but it is a beast. Most of it is metal (brass I'm assuming), but it does give a tack sharp image. However, it is a newer lens and doesn't flare easily because of the lens coatings. If you're after a lens flare, I'd avoid it. Also, it's color and hugeness really makes it conspicuous if you're stealing shots or doing any guerilla filmmaking. Kowas are a good alternative, despite the price. Much smaller and easier to run and gun with (as much as you can call double focusing anamorphic run and gun...:)
  5. I've been playing around with the guts of a few anamorphics as well. What does the minus 2 diopter do?
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