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  1. I have my gh4, but would certainly like to have the gh5 around for it.
  2. could someone in europe give me a little advice, I am US based and pre ordered from BNH but they don't start shipping or local pickup until the 30th, annoying, and I have a shoot in France on the 30th I am leaving for. Is there a euro distributor you could recommend I could order from instead and have shipped in a pretty quick manner? I hear people seem to have had some success with that.
  3. Hi Andrew I'm curious how likely you think it is to ship this week, and if you ordered directly from Panasonic? I ordered from BNH and am hoping to pick it up before a shoot but they seem to think it won't start till the 30th.
  4. Andrew could you comment on the generic adaptor vs the Mitakon that is also available? How is the IQ? I can't seem to see the crop factor info on the generic one. Much appreciated.
  5. rickynorris

    GH4 wishlist

    My 5 cents Panny: a gradual exposure change for adjusting the shutter or iso in shot would be a great addition. Such a giveaway on dslr footage. 2k 60p or whatever it can muster would be great to have some form of slow mo. Please no moire/aliasing!!! I hope they don't feel the pressure to make it too small, I think we can all live with a little more heft for the sake of features. Would love if it had a half decent preamp on it. Any idea why Panasonic would show a body of some kind but no footage or more info if the plan is to unveil it so soon?
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