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  1. For several reasons I have ordered the F2. I already have have good rings for follow focus (most times I even prefer to perform focus shifts by hand), none of my other lenses have T-stops, declicking the aperture yourself on a Samyang is very easy and last, - but not least, - it is €65-70 cheeper than the Cine-version.
  2. The Canon mount it is then. Thanks, Andy
  3. I´m going to buy a Samyang 12mm (for a G6 camera) and can´t really decide between MFT- or Canon EF-mount, - the latter of course used on an adapter. I read somewhere that you should be a bit cautious using adapters with wide angel lenses, - is this an issue or not?
  4. I almost forgot this. I saw a review on Youtube on this adapter, which seemed to be very good except for the aperture blades that had odd shapes when stopped down. The reviewer noticed that very similar looking adapters are available at higher prices, but if they are any better he did know. I took the chance and ordered one of the more expensive ones, - £48.99 on ebay. This one turned out to have perfectly shaped aperture blades and my Canon mount lens fits very well. The only negative thing is a very tiny bit of backlash between the adapter and the camera, but that is easy to fix. <script src="safari-extension://com.ebay.safari.myebaymanager-QYHMMGCMJR/f702decf/background/helpers/prefilterHelper.js" type="text/javascript"> </script>
  5. #Inazuma: I have considered the Tokina, which seems to be a really nice lens too, but I very much like the size of the Samyang, which also has one more stop. The price tag on the Samyang is also significantly lower, - anyways where I live. Has anyone here actually a hands on experience with the Samyang?
  6. Thanks for the answers and suggestions, which I will try. By the way here is a new plugin for noise reduction http://www.fcp.co/final-cut-pro/articles/1490-photon-pro-a-29-99-noise-reduction-plugin-for-final-cut-pro-x
  7. I have just downloaded Neat Video noise reduction plugin for FCPX. I does a really good job, but render times seem v e r y long. A 20 sec. clip took aprox. 2 min, to render. I have an iMac 3.4 GHz i7 with fusion drive , 16 GB Ram, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680MX 2048 MB w/CUDA so my hardware is not the slowest on the planet. All other render processes than Neat Video run really fast. Is it just the way things are with Neat?
  8. I have come to the conclusion that I`m lacking one lens in my small collection, - a real wide-angle. I have a G6 and my widest lens is the 14-42 kit-lens on which 14mm = 28mm FF. As I have a LensTurbo Canon EF > MFT mount, I was thinking of a Samyang 12mm/Canon mount. If I get this right that combo should give me the options of shooting 24mm FF with a dumb Canon > MFT adapter and aprox 18mm FF with the LensTurbo. Would this combo work well on a G6 ? I might add that I don't want straight lines to be much distorted by the lens
  9. Do I feel lucky these days? YES A few days ago I got a Mitakon Lens Turbo Canon EF mount cheep on eBay. Today - on eBay too - I got a Sigma DC 18-35mm F/1.8 Canon EF mount at a very favorable price. These combined with the kitlens from my Panasonic G6, my 28, 35, 50 and 135mm Yashica ML primes and a Samyang 85mm F/1.4 make me believe that I don´t need to acquire more lenses within the next few weeks :-) Now I only have to wait for the Lens Turbo and the Sigma to arrive.
  10. Well, I just got a Lens Turbo EF > MFT on ebay for $105. Andy, which Canon EF > MFT adapter ring will you recommend?
  11. okay, that excludes the Nikon mount then. Do you use your Yashica glasses on the LensTurbo with a C/Y > Canon EF adapter ring without any issues? My main concern is focus. And has the blue spot issue with the LT been solved ?
  12. Well, a Canon EF to MFT Metabone Speedbooster is not released yet. A Nikon G to MFT Metabones might be the solution then. Any thoughts? (Nikon F glass fits a G-mount, right?)
  13. Fast response, thanks :-) Will this do the trick? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Contax-Yashica-CY-C-Y-Lens-to-Canon-EOS-EF-mount-Camera-Adapter-30D-40D-50D-60D-/261011166044?pt=UK_Photography_CameraLenses_Lens_caps_hoods_adaptors_ET&hash=item3cc57a535c I worry a bit about focus at infinity, - do you Andy, know of a specific adaptor ring that works without issues?
  14. I have some Yashica ML lenses which I like very much (28, 35, 50, 135mm and a 35-70mm). My camera is a G6. I' would like to get a Metabone Speedbooster C/Y > MFT, but have read somewhere a guy having some troubles fitting one of his Yashica ML's to the Metabone, - something about the rear glass of the lens protruding to much as far as I remember. Anybody here who knows about this?
  15. Thanks, Andy. I'm using a micro 4/3 - Panasonic G6. Does not sound too good if follow focusing on this format in general is troublesome. I have not used my follow focus that much yet, but for now it seems to be only the Canon FD 50mm that causes this problem. Initial my Sigma DN 19mm and Walimex 85mm/1.4 works flawless with the follow focus. I have a lens support on my rails and I made a test using that on the FD. It was somewhat tricky to setup as the lens is rather small/short. It helped but I need some further adjusting and testing. I'm afraid though that it will not solve the problem 100%. In a few days I'm getting two Yashica lenses - a 35mm/2.8 and 50mm/1.7. I'm excited to see how they perform with the follow focus, - and how they perform overall.
  16. I just got a new Fotga DP500 2S follow focus including rails. Everything about it feels and functions very smooth with all my lenses except my Canon FD 50mm 1.4. When using this lens with the Fotga the result is some rather "wobbly" footage. On the footage it looks like the Canon when turned is not centered precise, - object are moving a bit up and down and from side to side. I have made many different adjustments to the setup with no luck. Focus by hand with out follow focus works fine. As mentioned before when using my other lenses with the Fotga - and the same gear/gearing - I don't have any problems at all. Just wondered if the Canon FD lenses in general are too "flabby" to be used with a follow focus or I just have a flabby one or maybe something else?
  17. Many great films mentioned in this thread. What surprises me though is that nobody yet has mentioned Stanley Kubrick's "Barry Lyndon". A masterpiece in many ways, but may be most of all because it is shot exclusively by natural light. It¨s a long time since I saw that film, but I still clearly remember the scenes shot indoors at the castle, which is lit by only candlelights, - amazing.
  18. It is 2.8. I went out yesterday and made a few shots with the Sigma. So far I like the lens, but the focusring made of smooth metal can be a problem in some situations. I made a short video - nothing fancy at all, but might be useful. Please read the comments before watching. https://vimeo.com/86837287
  19. nvidk@ I have not done that much shooting with the Sigma yet, but so far I like it. In a couple of days I expect to do some more tests with it and then I can give you some more information.
  20. For a start I have purchased these lenses: Walimex Pro 85mm F1:4 / Nikon-mount, Sigma 19mm F:1.8 / MFT-mount and a Canon FD 50mm F:1.4. Even the Canon FD makes pretty good focus peaking on my G6. By the way - I´m pretty surprised by my quite cheap FD/MTF adapter. Besides precise inf. focus it also gives me step less aperture :-). The Nikon/MFT adapter is also precise in focus, but does not give the added bonus of step less aperture.
  21. My Panasonic G6 has the choice between recording video in AVCHD and MP4. What are the pros and cons between the two ?. I edit in FCPX and use to record in AVCHD, which I converted in FCPX to "optimized " mov-files before editing. Does mov-files recorded on the G6 also benefit from being optimized before editing in FCPX?
  22. Andy, thanks for responding. From reading different forum threads it seems that several people have got G6's with dead pixels. Also read some threads about focus peaking not working too well. I have given it some thoughts and decided to keep my G6 despite the meter issue. On the copy I have there are no dead pixels, the focus peaking is in fact working very well and everything except the level meter is fine. In the end I really don't use or need that level meter and as the camera is purchased in a foreign online shop, it will be quite troublesome to exchange the it.
  23. I come from the camcorder world and have just bought my first (D)SLR camera. Did some research on the web, among others EOSHD, and from reading here I ended up with a Panasonic G6. So far so good. I have bought a couple of prime lenses and are making pretty good progress on the camera. I got this issue with the G6 though: The level meter, - by which I mean the meter which can show if the camera is in straight horizontal/vertical position, - is not accurate on the horizontal reading on my camera. When I hold the camera 100% horizontal the meter shows aprox. 5-10 degrees out of range. Anybody else having this issue?
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