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  1. Is that a custom-made support specifically for the Rectilux?
  2. ​What significance will the serial number have?
  3. Nice images. Which anamorphic and taking lens combo did you use?
  4. 'Get Free' shot for French alternative rock outfit Kids From Atlas. POV shots of viewfinder of old twin reflex were done with DIY wooden rig (see photos) with a6000 and old Carl Zeiss Flektogon 2,4/35. The close focusing capabilities of that lens (20cm) made it a great match for FOV and distance. The rest shot on the FS700 with speedbooster and Canon glass. Contrary to popular belief, inspiration for opening shots of naked man, awakening in a strange house were not based on this director's personal experience...
  5. Ok, but is it usable, fixable, cleanable? It's inside...
  6. Hi, So while scouring the net for a nice Kowa I came across this one and noticed there was a slight discolouration in the optics. Seller sent me closer images and it's clear there's something in there. He says it looks 'gold in colour'. Not sure if it's fungus or even a crack or something benign, but worryingly, it's inside. Anyone recognise what it is? I have subtly marked affected areas with red arrows:
  7. So that auction ended back at the start of November without being sold and instead of reducing price when he relisted it, to try and shift it, he's increased it by another 500!
  8. a3737cd02a686ebf0a616297f783d546
  9. Which of those anamorphic lenses mentioned in the initial photo are 1.5x? 2x is just a little wide for I need it for. Also, anyone know when these FMs will start shipping? Thanks
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