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  1. Been shooting for about a year now, bought a Sony RX100 when my son was born and the bug bit, both for stills and video. Bought a Sony NEX 5n next to access vintage glass which looked like fun. Have since developed a serious case of LBA, and this particular little video was shot on a Sony NEX 5n with a Helios 44-M 58mm lens. Very much still learning the ropes though:)
  2. Wouldn't that be a 25.2 - 49.7mm F1.2 lens? You are not multiplying the original focal length by the crop factor before multiplying by 0.71 18mm x 2 (crop factor) x 0.71 = 25.2mm
  3. Hey Glenn, Your videos are great! Good luck with the A6000 and let us know how you get on:)
  4. Using a a6000 + focal reducer on a FD 24mm - 35mm will not widen the lens at all. It will increase the f-stop (by how much depending on which flavour focal reducer you by - Metabones, Baveyes, Lens Turbo etc.) and reduce the crop factor (by how much also depending on the manufacturer). For example the FD lens at the low end of the zoom is equivalent to a 36mm in 35mm terms (24mm x 1.5 crop factor). Using a Metabones Speedboster, which reduces the crop by 0.71, means you will land up with a 36mm x 0.71 = 25.56mm lens at the low end of the zoom, and the f-stop by 1 to approx. 2.5
  5. Andrew, thanks for the test and info on the A6000. Can I suggest that for your full test you shoot a street scene similar to the Porche one you did for the GH4?
  6. Thanks for the article, I am a regular visitor to your site and appreciate the work you put in for the benefit of all! One thing I don't agree with though is your statement: 'I would love to see the Otus on the Metabones Speed Booster which would turn it into a 35mm F1.0 but that requires a crop sensor.' If one were to use a 55mm lens on an APC crop sensor one would land up with the equivalent full frame focal length of 55mm x 1.5 = 82.5mm, using a Metabones Speedbooster widens that view by 0.71 which would give us 58.575mm, not 35mm. At least that's how I understand it.
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