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  1. Great camera I have the GH4, it has a better low light performance than the GH4?
  2. Thanks for the review I have the gh4 with a normal speedbooster and sigma 18-35mm 1.8. The sony have a best low light perfomance than my gh4? I want other cam with good low light performance and stabilization for interiors, the slow mo are welcome. My setup is not bad but sometimes I need stabilize some movement shots in post. You think this Sony is good for me? My other setup that I´m seeing is the panaosnic g7 with speedbooster ultra and the tamrom 35mm 1.8 VC with lens stabilization, but it's about 2000€. I can use too the gh4 with speedbooster ultra and the panasonic g7 with my normal spe
  3. This lens 18-35 with speedbooster works well on a glidecam or 3-axis gimbal, without stabalize in post? Does anyone have experience with that?
  4. After almost one year seeing reviews, I see a great quality camera for the price, to start making some corporate and wedding films :) Andrew thanks for all your patience and work in your reviews!! Probably a newbie question but very important for me. I will buy the GH4 and I want create more dynamic shots with some flycam or gimbal. I'm thinking to buy the 12-35 2.8 Panasonic lens, because have stabilization. I don't want spend time to stablize the shots in post. For low light shots, the panasonic 1.4 or olympus 1.8 is the best choice? Anyone know if the sigma or nikon lens with speedbooster
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