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    gj91 got a reaction from andy lee in Ready to Invest in Some Primes   
      It just seems the m43 lenses are limited.  I have the panny 12-35 that is a good lense since it has ois, and it's a little wider then most.  i'd really like to see the new panny 42.5 lens.  That may be the last m43 I buy.  Also, the zeiss contax are on the cheaper end of the prime price range.  I was ready to get an slr magic but decided to go zeiss after I read the guide on reduser.  Also, they have some character to them.  I can't see it yet, still learning.  But some of the new lenses are super sharp and no soul.   Also, the speedbooster is a game changer.  
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    gj91 got a reaction from nahua in Buying Anamorphic in Japan   
    It was lucky camera. http://lucky-camera.com

    This us a pretty good list.

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    gj91 got a reaction from drewski310 in Iscorama and Contax Zeiss   
    Well I traded in my 45mm pancake to KEH for the 60mm makro.  So hopefully I will get some pretty good results with the 60mm setup.  
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    gj91 got a reaction from fuzzynormal in Newbie here - Video on a few cameras I'm considering   
    I have a gx1 and have debated the gm1 and gx7. I'm renting a gx7 this week to see if the focus peeking and ibis is worth it. I am using more manual focus lenses so I want better focus assist and peeking. For now it's for stills since I have a pocket camera for video. I'm also using the speedboost nikon mount more and more on the gx1 and pocket camera. Opens up the lens options greatly.

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