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  1. Very happy to report that my Wollensak Raptar 17mm wide angle f2.7 works great on my BMPCC. The lens is tiny which makes operation more challenging, and the it's not the fastest thing on wheels, but it's decently wide and hence camera shake is greatly minimized making handheld footage completely usable. I'll have to post some footage when I have time (lens just arrived this morning), but at first glance it looked great!
  2. Thanks for all the replies and help. I bought the 1/2" lens and I'm hoping to have it before New Year's. I'll post an update then. I'll have to try some of those batteries, but I've had good luck with Wasabi batteries from Amazon. You can get 2 batteries and a charger for $24, which is a great price (especially compared to the original Nikons). With regard to the Cosmicar lens, yeah, I think the problem is that it might be a CS mount, so it is designed to be about 5mm closer to the sensor than the regular C-mount. People are milling the backs of those lenses to make them fit. I love that the iris doesn't have any hard stops, so you can smoothly change the aperture without it being too noticeable, and you can put it somewhere in the middle of an F-stop and dial in exactly what you need/want. However, since I don't own the gear and am not mechanically inclined, I'm afraid I'll have to pass this lens on to someone else who can. :( FYI, I picked up the lens for $15 on ebay, including shipping. So, to spend $100 on a modified one seems a bit excessive to me.
  3. I've tried to google for this lens and I can't find anything on it. The listing says it is a C-mount, and although the picture does make it look like a C-mount (as opposed to a d mount), the barrel of the lens looks too dang long. My worries are that it doesn't have a focus ring, and whether the 1/2" mark on the barrel means that it's meant to cover a 1/2" sensor, and is no the length of the lens. The person selling it told me this lens is 3" long, and that one of the rings says "feet from film"? Anybody know what that means? Any ideas?
  4. Happy to report that the Wollensak Revere 1" F2.5 lens covers the whole sensor of the BMPCC. This is a 25mm lens. This is a parfocal lens, so no focus ring, and if you screw it all the way in, it only starts to focus about 6ft in front of the lens (everything else is in focus), but the more you unscrew it, the closer the focus gets. I'm probably going to buy some sort of a spacer. It's fine for steadycam work, or Establishing shots where you don't need shallow depth of field. Paid $26 on eBay for it. Here is photo proof - it was late at night and almost no light in the room, so ISO was 1600 and it looks real grainy.
  5. Update.... the Toshiba Exceria Type 2 64GB card did not work. I got dropped frames on ProRes and RAW both. I tried formatting with different cluster sizes and using the latest SD Formatter utility... nothing worked. Kept getting dropped frames even on ProRes, between the 3-4 second mark :( I posted a more through report on this list: http://rubenkremer.nl/2013/09/03/bmpcc-sd-card-compatibility-list/
  6. Very sad to report that the Toshiba Exceria Type 2 64GB sdxc card did not work on my pocket camera :( boohooo.... have this wonderful camera and can't use it. Not only did I order the wrong batteries (EL12 instead of EL2s) I "cheaped out" on the SD card and now can't record anything until I get the new Sandisk Extreme Pro card :( Really happy to be able to use my Minolta glass on it, but really like the Super 16mm glass instead. So much lighter. May also end up investing on some MFT zoom lens with IS. Handholding this on anything above a 28mm is pretty shaky. Ok, I only have a 55mm above the 28mm, so I haven't been able to try anything else in between. I just realized that the Camera Name in the options actually translates to the file names on the card, which is interesting. I wish the screen showed a couple more things: File Number, and whether the Focus Peak is on. The focus peak feature is not as good as my Magic Lantern, and sometimes no outline shows up at all, so I wonder if the feature is on or off :( I love the grip, and the response time. It starts recording right away, and turns on real quick too.
  7. Just got my BMPCC a couple of days ago, and was excited to try out some cheap C-mount lenses I got on e-Bay.... quickly got deflated :( The Cosmicar 25mm TV lens F/1.4, which I picked up on Ebay for $15 odd dollars, DOES NOT VIGNETTE, BUT... only focuses really up close. I don't know how easy this would be to fix, but I'm not real handy and don't have tools, dremmels, etc. :( nor the know-how. I'll do a little research to see if this is salvageable, 'cos at F1/4 and 25mm it's pretty good and light... much better than my Minolta 28mm. I also bought a Cosmicar TV lens 16mm F/1:6, but that turned out not to be a C-mount :( Bummer! On the plus side, my Minolta lenses worked great, and even my 55mm F/1.7 got me a nice CU of my wife at 5 or 6 feet away. Not as bad as I thought. The 28mm F/2.5 was much wider, although not super wide, or course. But I could probably get a MCU from the same 6 feet away. Still doable. I'm still gunning for the 12.5mm Cosmicar F/1.4 that someone recommended to me on another forum! As an aside, and I've only tested it once (last night), but the Toshiba Exceria Type 2 card didn't fare too well on the BMPCC... I'm going to run more tests and make sure it's formatted as exFAT. I got dropped frames in ProRes AND RAW both :( I'll post some updates as I have time.
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