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My cameras and kit

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  1. The BMD pocket camera is a huge disappointment. I ordered one on the first day it was announced at the NAB show on 8 April 2013. I received it a few days ago - 7.5 months after ordering. The main thing is that the screen is unusable in poor lighting conditions - even with the brightness set at 100%. It's not exactly great in good lighting conditions either. The focussing works more or less satisfactorily on auto, if using an appropriate lens but the focus peaking facility is completely useless. I spent a great deal on money getting set-up with this camera - including buying the expensive Redrock Micro adaptor so that I could fit my range of 'L' series Canon lenses to the camera. I also bought the over-priced Panasonic Lumix 7 mm to 14 mm wide angle lens. On top of that there is the cost of microphones and a good Sachtler tripod, high speed storage cards etc. OK some of these things would be needed regardless of what camera I bought, but still, in my case, I bought them all in readiness for using this particular camera. Not only that, but the version 10 of Da Vinci Resolve Lite I downloaded and installed fails to work properly, in as much as it doesn't pick up any of the hard drives connected to my computer (media page; library), therefore making it impossible to bring any clips onto the media page at all - making the program completely useless. I have re-booted and done all the usual things to make sure it should work, but it still doesn't work. Just to add insult to injury, the advertised DVD containing this software IS NOT INCLUDED in the package containing the camera - and you have to download the latest 'firmware' into the camera to make it work in RAW - again, a facility that was advertised but not included with the camera. All in all, BMD products are a complete let-down and a waste of my money, as well as the 7.5 months I spent waiting for it to be delivered. The company has FAILED!
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