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  1. I noticed also RS when playing with the camera. The video makes the A7s look unusable. But just for your info, attached to this A7s was a 70-200mm lens and it was fully zoomed in on the video above. So who is doing a pan like this at 200mm? I don't. Yes for sports it is the wrong camera, but for filming under controlled situations to do a real estate video for example, this is the perfect camera. I have no idea how the rs will look at a GH4 at 200mm. Maybe it will not be that extrem but it will be there for sure!

    On the other side when I compared the noise level between the A7s and the Gh4 there was a difference like night and day between both cameras :D

  2. I am not so negativ about the success of this camera. Yesterday I was the whole day walking back and forth between the Pana, Sony, AJA and BMD cameras at the NAB show. To get to play with one of the Sonys or the GH4 it wasn't that a long waiting line. But wow, at AJA and especially at BMD it was crazy. Everybody has to see and play with this cam. From the people around me I often could hear them serious wanting to buy one of these big boys.

    So just because it is maybe not made for most member here does not mean anything. Yesterday night I had a look at the Redusers forum and they like the URSA a lot.

    This week I have to decide if I order the A7s, GH4, URSA or even Cion (the only PL mount is holding me back).

    Ok, now I have to walk across the street to the NAB show again. Maybe today I will change my opinion.

  3. Not sure about the Rx1 but sometimes you have to be careful.
    For example the Sony Rx10:
    US Version only 60p (asked at Sony store Las Vegas and couldn't find it in the settings)
    European Version 50p AND 60p (checked it in a store in Germany)

  4. Hello,
    I'm new to this forum and first want to say that you guys do an amazing job here. Found tons of good information about 5d Raw here. I'm looking forward to the test of the RX10 :) 

    I have a question: On the EOSHD was written that the A7, A7r and Rx10 are world cameras. Is this true for the RX10?

    At the moment I'm in the staates, but flying back to Germany soon. Here the RX10 is about 300$ cheaper, but it looks like it is sadly a 60p only version. I have no info about that and can't find this somewhere online. If here the cameras are just 60p but in European Version are switchable between PAL/NTSC I'll order the more exoensive PAL version. Also can it record 50 and 60p in AVCHD and not only in mp4?

    Furthermore I would love to know if a Ninja 2 improves the picture quality of the Rx10. How close does it come to a 5d mk3 RAW?

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