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  1. Well I'm pretty sure playback is only software disabled as well, as it can playback 4k from the external rec. If interested Sony could very well make the f5 a full 4k internal camera via firmware. The comparison with GPU or CPU chips is a bit wrong at least in the beginning of the lifespan of the chips. Most of the time when producing a new chip on a new manufacturing process not every chip is 100% usable but before thrashing them they get sold as a cheaper version with for example 2 non working cores disabled. As manufacturing matures the yield gets better and then you get nearly 100% working chips. And then they keep selling the cheap version. Therefore the "hack" of re-enabling disabled cores via software, soldering or something else doesn't always work. But on the F5 its pure marketing decisions. I hope they just sell a 4k upgrade option, they are lucky at the moment that enabling of 4k playback of 4k isn't yet working so they have a chance of selling it. Otherwise v5 must be really good to convince people to forget about 4k recording and upgrade their firmware to v5.
  2. Imho there is quite a difference here. Your other examples are absolutely clear about this. You can not only decide before buying but - even better - one year later when needed to unlock a feature or two you didn't need before. You could even do this on a project base. And this is a huge difference to the f5/f55 they are telling f5 can't do 4k internally you gotta buy another color science and a global shutter to get 4k internally. If they'd offered a 4k update for 4k before any camera was sold you wouldn't have a horde of pissed f55 owners right now. Because they are the problem for Sony now, not the f5 owners or new buyers.
  3. I personally don´t think you can shoot RAW with either of these cameras on most of the shootings you are doing. Maybe some stock footage, but nothing "daily", maybe the one or another establisher or landscape shot. But the huge difference between the pocket and the 5D is with the canon you gotta use a hack and shoot raw to get a picture quality that is comparable to the pocket. But with the pocket you can just shoot prores and in 98% of your shootings this will be sufficient and its far far superior to any of the h264 crap of current dslrs. And it will be 100times better to manage than any raw as soon as you pull your card out of your camera.
  4. Hi! Does somebody know if Kodak s-mount is the same as Arri s-mount? I'd like to adapt old Kodak S16 lenses to my sadly only preordered pocket. So anyone know adapters from Kodak s and m-mounts to m43? Ideally without s to c mount adapter. Thanks Flo
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