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  1.   I understand more now what you are saying now. I agree, I don't care much about charts. And I totally understand that one doesn't always have reflectors and lights. And yes, Journalist do not shoot in controlled environments, but usually, journalists wont shoot with at least a portable light kit or some-kind of low-light solution. I shoot with a crew of 8 for our show and we shoot with Canon 7D and 5D Mark II. I shoot with a GH3 because I find it superior to the canon cameras in many ways. We may shoot our fourth season with GH3 because according to myself and our colorist, it yields
  2.   I could be wrong, but no one here is arguing Andrews tests. And just because someone shares their test freely doesn't mean that a person shouldn't 'dare' offer an alternative look.    And shouldn't you always work in a controlled environment? That is the purpose of having a crew, is it not?
  3. I think the problem is so many people think that if you remind folks that you can get a great image out of a 8-bit camera, that means we are saying one is better than the other. Not the case. For me, I just wanted to remind people that in the end - a camera is a tool - and while the BMPCC has more DR and a better codec - the camera doesnt make the filmmaker. (And I'm speaking from as a filmmaker).   Personally, I feel like we can't get wrapped up in the gear envy consumerism that has increased expotentially over the last few years. I've worked with alot of gear and equipment that might
  4.   Absolutely beautiful imagery. Not a question - definitely the best of the RAW recording cameras.
  5.   I shot with Natural picture profile with everything set to -5. Some shots had i.Dynamic turned on. I exposed to keep highlights from clipping without severely under exposing. I'm right there with you on the color-correction. I usually hire a colorist to handle my short films so - with that - this quick test I did after working 10 hours on set was crude and as some pointed out, may not do the camera justice.     This is beautiful! Absolutely amazing that such high-quality images can come from an 8-Bit camera. If I did not know it came from a GH3 - I would have assumed it
  6.   Hey man. I totally understand that. The 5D Mark III is the perfect cinema camera in my opinion. It produces the best RAW images I've seen out of any camera. There is not question about that. I guess my point I was trying to make failed to resonate about the GH3. I've worked with RAW, Blackmagic, and RED, and for the price, the functionality, and lack of needed accessories - the GH3 holds up fairly well.    But I guess I don't know what I'm talking about. I just create images that look like they had been molested by Trey Ratcliff. :P
  7.   Manfrotto with a 502 head.      Oh I get it, you think Trey Ratcliff is a talentless photographic molester. Well, at least he's successful at what he loves.   You may not consider this footage to look very cinematic and that is your subjective opinion. In my opinion, I could grade Canon footage the same way and the image would fall apart.   But you are right, using the Blackmagic Cinema Camera will tell the story of any film much better.      I understand perfectly what Dynamic Range is. I know the BMPCC has wonderful graduations be
  8. If you expose for blown out highlights, push shadows, clean with neat video, you can capture just as much dynamic range from the GH3 as you can from Magic Lantern RAW.   https://vimeo.com/76030718
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