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  1. Ebrahim, Why does it cost hundreds of millions of dollars? I.e. What costs the most for a broadcaster to shift to 4k? Thanks, Rob
  2. Thanks cantsin - good to know. Obviously it would be better if the batteries lasted longer. For example, shooting a piece in a jungle/desert/remote area etc. for a week would require many more batteries (even if the physical area/weight is smaller than the equivalent of powering a DSLR/FS100/whatever). As a ratio, like Andrew said, it seems like the pocket camera batteries perform well. A Sony NP-F770 battery is about the same height as the pocket camera. It would only need to be deeper to accommodate the battery, making it look more like the letter 'L' from a bird's-eye view. This could also provide a better hand grip. But at this point beggars can't be choosers. Still interesting to talk about.
  3. Hey Andrew, The BMPCC is nearly my dream camera. I think having dozens of batteries keeps it a pocket camera in operation but as collective pieces of equipment in a bag/case they can start to take up much more area. E.g. GH3 with one or two batteries versus BMPCC with enough batteries to last a day. The GH3 then becomes smaller. Could they have made the camera use Sony NP-F770 batteries (http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/348070-REG/Sony_NPF770_NP_F770_Info_Lithium_Battery_Pack.html). I doubt people would complain if the hand grip part was slightly bigger (depthwise, to accommodate a np-f770) – it’s the one place on the camera they could afford to make larger. What do you think? Roberto
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