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  1. The Panasonic GX85 with the 12-60 f/2.8-4 is a wonderful combination, both for photography and video. I've had the combo since they both came out and have yet to be disappointed by the results.
  2. You are a brave man shooting 2x anamorphic hand held.... ;-) Very nice framing, and I like the choice of color grading. I've only had the experience of one clip hand-held with the SLR Magic 2x adapter but on a GH4. It did show it's possible but not something I'd undertake for a lot of footage. I was surprised at how much distortion (curvature) there was in your footage, since my experience with a 50mm taking lens and other footage I have seen shows very little. Again, I was shooting on a GH4 where there is a crop factor, so perhaps that helped mitigate the distortion if it was there. Shooting with the combination on the GH5 is on the project list. The one thing I find is of the utmost importance when shooting anamorphic, is keeping the horizontal plane of the camera as steady as possible. As you mention, minor motion on that axis leads to issues. It is a little less critical with 1.33x lenses, but still necessary. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Thanks Fritz. Video author here. As you've pointed out, I was shooting in an environment that didn't lend itself to "cinematic" shots, which require a little more setup. I was constantly on the move and working with a very new-to-me lens combination. But with the necessary preparation the lens and adapter can absolutely be used for narrative work, delivering a nice shallow depth of field when needed, and it also flares very pleasantly. All for $500. I'm impressed too.... ;-) There is no major cropping. There is a tiny amount applied when using FCP X stabilization to moderate some of the handheld drifting, but the GH5 sensor stabilization is excellent in that regard. The lens combination is very sharp edge to edge, with no vignetting.
  4. Oh my, what a silly little man. Funny realy. Like all cowards, when confronted with your ignorance you reply with child-like gibberish hoping the response gets you out of the hole you keep digging for yourself. Watch out for the earth coming down on top of you. Dead and buried..... In the meantime sunshine, give us some more comedy. I'm bored today.
  5. when someone says movie i think of movie. i repeat nobody is gonna make a movie motion picture with this new optic. why would you. it does not make any sense. if your making a 1000 dollar movie ok maybe. but that is not gonna be a film a movie a motion picture. that is gonna be a you tube clip. I'm not sure your thinking movie is in any way relevent. Have you even tried it? The adapter is a very acceptable piece of glass that relies almost exclusively on the look of the taking lens. Put on some stellar optics, and the Anamorphot rewards with stellar results. Test it yourself before blowing FUD. With a script, some money and a great taking lens, you absolutely could shoot an indie movie that would be worthy of the best art houses.
  6. Helpful. Do you know the percentage for 1.33x footage?
  7. This is really exciting news. Don't know much about flares but something less edgy would work for me.   Looking forward to this. And kudos to Edwin for a nice test.
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