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  1. THE SALE IS OFF. I am keeping the lens for now. Thank you all for interest.
  2. Old nikkors ai-s and simmilar also have some significant CA wide open. It is very hard to find a decent 50mm...even the new Zeiss 50 1.4 is not perfect. I would go for pentax smc 50 1.4 or czj pancolar 50 1.8 both m42 screw mount. Takumar 50 1.4 is pretty good but I don't like it's bokeh....some people do.
  3. This is the lens that I am selling. Feel free to comment only if you actually have a clue about iscoramas. The front 50mm 2.8 lens has m42 screw mount. 
  4. Show them how it's done! I think this is going to be my first af lens.
  5. Hi, I know it sounds washed out and here it is: "I just made my account here"....and one more "I am very well informed about eoshd.com and anamorfic lenses".  But I have to start somehow. I have got Iscorama 36+original 50mm 2.8 lens, few months ago and didn't felt like selling it at first.   The problem is I live in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina. This city has no market for such a lens and I am a photographer, not a cinematographer. This is the lens I have for sale: http://www.flickr.com/photos/vedadsehic/8967498993/ With Iscorama you get +1 and +2 Hoya close up filt
  6. I am planing to sell my Iscorama 36 and to be honest I will try to avoid ebay because there is to many hype about it.
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