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  1. Hi Ben, thanks for your response. The Tamron 24-70 is a little more than I would like to spend right now. I really do like the 11-16, but I'm worried that if I just have that and the 50mm, that won't be enough. I suppose I can always rent nicer lenses to use at say a wedding or something, but only having one lens right now, do you think it'd be better to go with the 11-16 Tokina or the 17-50 Sigma first?
  2. Hello. I am fairly new to shooting dslr video. For the past several months, I've been shooting with a Canon t3i // Canon 50mm f/1.8. I'm now looking into wider (budget-ish) lenses. Obviously there are some really really nice ones I could get for $1000+, but for right now I'm looking for something a little cheaper.  The main two I've been looking at are the Sigma 17-50mm f2.8 and the Sigma 30mm f1.4. My main concern with the 17-50mm is that I'm not going to be satisfied with the f2.8 and might want something even faster. I want my shots to look very cinematic and professional, which this may be a good lens for that, I don't know. My concern with the 30mm is that it won't be wide enough. I don't like how close up my 50mm is on a glidecam, when I shoot outside and want to get a wide shot of the landscape or something. I'm just not sure that the 30mm will be THAT different from the 50mm. Working on a tight budget, I need my lenses to be usable for many different things until I can build up my inventory. The kinds of videos I would shoot are promo videos and weddings, mostly, but I also want to shoot videos of outdoor adventures I go on.   I plan on renting lenses before I make a final decision, but I wanted to get some input before I even did that.   Thanks for your help in advance,   Josh
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