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  1. Would you consider selling the Rangefinder seperately?
  2. And I'll enjoy reading it :) Right now I can not afford this early-bird special, so I'd really like to lend my Cam in so I might be able to take a sniff on it maybe :)
  3. I guess you are going to participate? :) When you have no MFT BMCC laying around this time, gimme a call - just like the last time :)   Regards!
  4. With the much bigger formfactor, an especially horrible edges? Meh...
  5. Looks VERY interesting and promising! Give me a call if you need a BMCC MFT for IFA in Berlin for testing :)   Best Regards!
  6. Hi there Andrew,   sorry to be so cheeky, but do you have a date for the Review already? :) I'm really interested in the performance of it, tempted to order it the next few days; would use it mainly with the BMCC MFT, and sometimes the GH2. Would be really interested if this thing holds up! If you need more time with the Review, maybe you can say something really quick about it, if it's worth and usable? :) Best Regards!
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