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  1. Yeah, I've heard great stuff about it but the last message honestly seems like they don't want me to purchase it....
  2. Has anyone been able to purchase recently? I made a purchase on July 12th and didn't get a download link. On the 13th I was refunded with this message: Dear Sir/Madam, Unfortunately, Neat Video products are currently not availablefor technical reasons. SWREG have refunded the payment for the order you have placed.Please accept our apology for the inconvenience. Best regards,Alex I wrote a response asking if it would be available soon and got no response for about 3 weeks. I sent multiple messages but today I got a response. The first line was part of a message I wrote: > I just want to know if this will be temporary or should I move on and find another option.Please kindly move on and find another option.Regards,Alex This is strange as nothing on their front page states anything is wrong with the product and seems people are still able to purchase. I'm really in the dark here. Any other similar experiences? Thanks, Billy
  3. Thought I would be using this lens but sticking with spherical for now. Bought from tferradans and asking for the price I paid. SOLD Focus works perfect and smooth. No fungus, some faint cleaning marks on the front element.    
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