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  1. This one is the best I've seen, and that it includes quite ​a few low-light scenes:
  2. This sample is not too bad either (you need to login to watch): https://vimeo.com/groups/282934/videos/126596508
  3. Here's the drone operator's blog entry on the X10 demo shoot: http://helivatefilms.com/canon-xc-10-and-drones/
  4. The XC10 will be sold in Sweden with a bundled 128GB CFast card and reader, this is comparable to the Sony PMW-X70 (before the expected discount when the 4k upgrade is available). There is also a version without the media bundle for 20% less.
  5. Yes, Canon marketing did say a lot of stupid things at NAB, some executive must have decided it might find a bigger market. Why didn't they just call it the C50, a B/C-cam to the C300 with imagery made for blending in with its bigger brother, that's what they used it for in the C300 demo short. The price and the lack of XLR input wouldn't matter in that context and having the same media would be an advantage. Still, the slow lens is a weakness but probably won't matter in a controlled environment. Lets hope the price will drop on the C100 Mk II instead, that model is much more in line what I want to use as I still own a lot of Canon glass after doing semi-pro work with a number of Canon DSLRs.
  6. If the sensor and processing retains the properties from the C-series, the should hold up well in low light despite the slow lens. Highlight processing though seems to be another matter - I'm amazed Canon produces a demo video looking like this - but does the C100 really handle this better?
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