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  1. Andrew, most of the videos put out to demo the GH4 so far have been rather bad. Can the GH4 pull off a film look, or is it really just a great camera for wedding videos.? I'm really excited about this camera, and have always been a fan of Panasonic products, but the footage so far just looks very video-y. Also, do you know if the camera can output 1080p 10bit 422 over the HDMI, or is it just limited to 4k output.? Thanks for the great reviews and I look forward to seeing your footage.
  2. Lucas has already cashed out his chips to the tune of $4 Billion dollars and is finished as a filmmaker.  Spielberg has been looking for foreign money to prop up Dreamworks and to finance his films and I don't think really cares anymore about making quality films, but money, even though he's already super rich.   Lucas burned out in 1983 after Jedi, but with Spielberg, I think he's reached his theoretical event horizon long ago, probably around the time of Jurassic Park.  So I think both of them are saying, "Look, if we can't make good movies anymore, and the system is abhors new talent, and new ideas, then Hollywood is pretty much screwed." BUT, what both Spielberg and Lucas are VERY good at is finding new talent.  If they focused on finding the newest talent, they could save Hollywood...perhaps. Sometimes I think that bombs like "The Lone Ranger" are intentional; simply a payout for the actors and producers as a reward for previous hit projects AND also act as a way for studios to mitigate any of the remainder of tax losses.  Disney is a HUGE corporation, and probably pays little taxes as is, and flops such as TLR probably help to mitigage any tax burdens.
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