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  1. Andrew, most of the videos put out to demo the GH4 so far have been rather bad. Can the GH4 pull off a film look, or is it really just a great camera for wedding videos.? I'm really excited about this camera, and have always been a fan of Panasonic products, but the footage so far just looks very video-y. Also, do you know if the camera can output 1080p 10bit 422 over the HDMI, or is it just limited to 4k output.? Thanks for the great reviews and I look forward to seeing your footage.
  2. Lucas has already cashed out his chips to the tune of $4 Billion dollars and is finished as a filmmaker.  Spielberg has been looking for foreign money to prop up Dreamworks and to finance his films and I don't think really cares anymore about making quality films, but money, even though he's already super rich.   Lucas burned out in 1983 after Jedi, but with Spielberg, I think he's reached his theoretical event horizon long ago, probably around the time of Jurassic Park.  So I think both of them are saying, "Look, if we can't make good movies anymore, and the system is abhors
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