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  1. I know, I know, I know the URSA 4.6k mini sensor is different than the URSA 4k mini... but man o man was the 4k mini unusable when we tried it last week. Their studio 4k mini's did surprise me though.
  2. This has never been true of any industry. What the consumer "needs" is irrelevant. None of us "need" anything. The scope of what the average user is doing is ever changing.
  3. This is where news reporting has gotten it wrong. There shouldn't be "professional" questions to ask. You ask the questions that are pertinent, and you don't pull the punches. I'm sick of media sugar coating this stuff. They have the technology to give us what they want, it's their job. Product cycles, or just not enough $ into R&D, isn't our problem. A good company would take a market lead and capitalize on it. They have not. Typical lazy corporate bs. Thank you for calling them out on it. I know for a fact Sony's internal communication between departments is terrible. Imagine if we had a lart tech company that actually ran well.
  4. This is the real problem in this industry, in any artistic industry tbh. Injecting your ideals of how anyone should go about learning their craft, with such brazen arrogance and reverence for your experience, aren't the kind of conversations we should be having. Again, if you want to talk craft, go to a forum post about craft. If you want to provide meaningful conversation, to the point at hand, then chime on in. I for one appreciate these kind of tests. The bulk of my knowledge is in computing. As I transition to film, namely digital film, I've found dynamic range information incredibly useful.
  5. You just came to a forum posting about technical specs and complained about people caring about technical specs. We don't need another obligatory "it's not the tool that matters, it's the artist" post.
  6. Let's all take a breath and remember this is a new member. It's best to stay quite in new surroundings, and learn to listen first.
  7. These sensors are <$100 probably, they may not even be the most expensive part in these cameras. The digital bolex sensor is somewhere around $60, you can call the manufacturer up and buy them in any quantity you want.
  8. We see the corporation system doesn't work. Let's try something else. Clearly this isn't free market.
  9. Because he runs an influential blog that could directly influence how successful the product is... It's like you're complaining while waiting in line at starbucks because some guy held a place in line for his friend. Annoying? Yes. But usually the guy complaining is the one coming across as the bigger jerk... Wait your turn, the customer is NOT always right.
  10.   bwhitz, on 08 Jul 2013 - 9:24 PM, said:   None of this will be an issue in 10 years, if self web promotion took off. Look at the video game market. Once dominated by $60 purchases, it's now a system run on subscription services and micro transactions, allowing the smaller video game production companies to be able to run. Soon video production could run like this. A small group of film/video artists could run their own production company if their content was worthy, and compete with large production houses. IF the medium arises. I wish it would.
  11. Wonder if it has something to do with a 50 year old white guy playing a Native American. Cause we all know there are 0 Native American actors...
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