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  1. Here a collection of shots I took the last few days with Kowa Inflight 1.75x + Voigtländer 40mm f2. + Rectilux HCDNA + Redstan and Fujinon achromatic diopters. Tokina Cinema PRO IRND. All shot at f2.8


  2. Here a collection of shots I took the last few days with Kowa Inflight 1.75x + Voigtländer 40mm f2. + Rectilux HCDNA + Redstan and Fujinon achromatic diopters. Tokina Cinema PRO IRND. All shot at f2.8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mostLsNXB8U

  3. GH5+ Bolex 16/32/1.5x + Voigtländer 40mm f2 + ProtoDNA. Run and gun. Shot 90% wide open at f2 and 10% at f2.8.


  4. If you enjoyed my Yellowstone film, you might like this. I filmed this over 1 day in the Grand Tetons National Park. 


  5. I made this for fun. I always wanted to do a drum video with three anamorphic lens. I hope you guys dig it. Cheers!

    Camera 1: GH2 with Kowa 1.5x anamorphic lens + Zeiss Ultron 50mm f1.8
    Camera 2: GH3 with Bolex 16/32 1.5x anamorphic lens + Voigtlander 28mm f2.8
    Camera 3: GH4 with Bolex 8/19 1.5x + Olympus Zuiko 38mm f1.8 and Canon C8 wide angle adapter.


  6. I just finished my new anamorphic wildlife video. I filmed for three days over the last few months on St. Vincent Island Wildlife Refuge. A very unique and beautiful place. So before you and I get lost in Starwars, The Revenant and The Hateful Eight, please sit back relax and take a journey through this wild island with me. 

    Filmed on a Panasonic GH4 in 4k
    Bolex 16/32 1.5x anamorphic lens with Voigtländer 25mm F0.95, Voigtländer 42.5mm F0.95 and Takumar SMC 135mm F2.5 V2 as taking lens. I shot in anamorphic 4:3 mode on GH4.



  7. Here is my new video shot with the Baby Hypergonar :)


    1. teddoman


      and the music too? Wow, beautiful piece

    2. Ian Edward Weir

      Ian Edward Weir

      Thanks! Yes, I created the music playing on my African Tongue Drum.



  8. I'm selling one of my Baby Hypergonars complete with Redstan metal Jacket Housing and diopter. On Ebay for $1550 but would go to $1450.


    Up for sale is one of the most wanted and rare anamorphic lenses. The Baby Hypergonar has spectacular image quality, exceptional anamorphic flares, and comes in a very small size.


    Optically, the glass is in very good condition, exceptional for its age.  No scratches, no mold, no dust and no fungus. There are minimal signs of use but nothing to affect the quality of the image. A few tiny spots in the coating. If you are shooting a clear blue sky at high F-stop and you pan you may see tiny spots. Go one stop down and they disappear. They have not shown up in my footage. Watch this video, I shot every shot with this very lens :)

    My YouTube Video 

    4k Screen grabs from footage I shot

    4K screen grabs 


    It comes with a brand new Redstan Black Metal Jacket housing, only 6 of these ever made. I have one for mine, it's a dream. The jacket has a 72mm front thread, a 52mm back thread and a plastic screw for orientating the baby once it's screwed in the taking lens. It also comes with a nice black metal back cap, 52mm spacer, 72mm Polaroid Close - Up 500D filter and the original front cap. I will also include a generic 72mm front cap. The diopter is a +2 achromatic doublet. 

    If you get your hands on a Tokina +0.4 or +0.5 it really sings :)

    ** Using this lens with the new SRL Magic Rangefinder coming out will take this lens to the next level as well :) I can't wait to get one.


    Thanks Seb!

    Bottom Line

    This is hands down probably the best kit for the Baby Hypergonar that will ever be offered. I'm letting this lens go because I already have another Baby Hypergonar with the same set up, A Bolex 8/19 and a Bolex 16/32.  The Baby Hypergonar for me has the most character out of them all and it's my go to travel lens. I'm selling everything for what I payed and I promise you, it's an anamorphic gem and a piece of history you don't want to miss out on. Ask questions if you like, there are no returns. Whoever gets this lens will be happy. :) 



    I wanted to share my first shots with my Baby Berthiot Hypergonar with the EOSHD community. I shot this over three days in May 2015 in North Carolina. I filmed in Chimney Rock Park, Fairview
    Buncombe County, and outside of Burnsville.
    Cut to the music of Dances With Wolves by John Barry. 

    I shot on a GH4 in 4k with the scenery setting.
    I used the Baby Hypergonar 1.75x anamorphic lens with a Schneider-Kreuznach 50mm f/1.9 Xenon and a Olympus Zuiko Pen F 38mm F1.8 as my taking lens.
    Custom Redstan housing for the baby!
    I used 2 Tokina +0.4 Achromatic diopters and a Narumi +3 diopter for close up shots.
    I just lowered the mids on a few shots with Colorista 11 in color correction. 
    I love the look and feel of this lens so much! I hope you enjoy it :)

    Special Thanks:

    to Seb Farges "Baby Hypergonar oracle"

    To Alan Doyle at Redstan

    To all the contributing filmmakers on EOSHD for there invaluable input. Also to Francisco Rios for his work with the Baby and Davide Marino for helping get lens!

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