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  1. If this is the kind of "realistic" footage a person ends up with, then they either don't have a clue on how to shoot, or they're an editor/colorist working on an undergrad student film.  :P   And I understand that JB is busy, but seriously.  I'm not expecting a huge RED production with all the glitz and glamour, but a little effort would not go unappreciated.  I've had one preordered from day one, but I'm up for ordering several more if quality footage exists for me to convince the investors with...  it just doesn't make sense to put out footage like this.
  2. https://vimeo.com/71787060   The original footage was very flat and neutral, which was nice for grading, but there was little to no highlight recovery possible in this prores file.  Grading was nothing too special:  7-8 minutes messing around in AE with levels and curves.  No sharpening and no noise reduction.  I might spend some more time tinkering tomorrow in Resolve, but I may just hold out for raw footage or for my own camera's delivery.   And I agree with how shoddy this footage is.  You are charged with revealing a highly-anticipated camera's first footage to the world and this is what you come up with???  Is JB instructed by BM to make the footage as amature and boring as possible?  I guess the footage provided us a good test of dynamic range, but if that's the goal, then I'd much rather have a few seconds a raw instead. 
  3. First off, I enjoyed it.  It was well done, shots were in focus, camera was steady, editing was well-paced, and sound design was appropriate.  The concept was well-executed; I applaud them for creating an experimental dance piece around a soon-to-be-demolished building.  Bravo!   With that being said, I don't consider this to be a short film.  If anything, this is a modern dance video (very well done to be sure).  I feel like the term 'short film' is thrown around way too freely.  Not to diminish SKIN at all, but just because someone shoots a bunch of footage (often unplanned with no thought to a throughline or story arc) and edits it together (often with music) doesn't make it a short film.  If that were the case, then every camera/makeup/lighting test I've ever done before actually shooting a short film would be considered a short film (just add music).  :P    In the end, this is a great piece, just not a short film.  The execution was good, and the project's use of the RAW recording format was appropriate - the color space really enhanced the color and depth and highlights were saved that would have otherwise been blown out.  Nice work.
  4. I would love to use it in crop mode for 1080p and for no moire, but two issues...  I can't shoot continuously unless I'm at 1920x818, and it seems like my framing is different when I review it from when I record it in liveview.  Any ideas???
  5. I'm currently shooting a short film with the 5DM3 Raw at 1920x1080.  The image is great, but there's just something about the image from my 50D that I love.  I would like to bring the 50D onboard as a 2nd camera, but am concerned about the two resolutions mixing well together.  Do you all think the 50D footage upscaled to 1920x1080 will be consistent with my 5DM3's 1920x1080 footage? 
  6. When you say you can get 1920 on the 50D in crop mode, do you mean 1920x1080?  If so, what build are you using?  The max I've been able to get is 1920x818 continuous at 23.976fps (exact).  I'm currently using the June 21st nightly build.  The card is a Komputer Bay 64gb 1000x that delivers 1920x1200 continuous on my 5DM3.   Thanks.
  7. Purchased a 50D from craigslist for $400 (only 4400 shutter actuations), and just received a KomputerBay 32GB 1000X card for testing (two 64gb cards on the way).  The footage is fantastic!!!  The image is incredibly film-like, and being able to grade raw footage is a dream.  Skintones are very pleasant.  I've been a GH1/2 shooter since 2011 and currently own 4 GH2s, and the image quality from those little cameras has been phenomenal.  I will keep them around for my commercial/corporate work, but I'm very excited about the raw movement.  I love this 50D and can't wait for the Mark iii to arrive next week.
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