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  1. What is the difference between this and a cheap gimbal and a GoPro Hero 4? About the same price... OSMO is more visibly attractive, but the HERO 4 is a mature product and you can remove the HERO 4 from the gimbal and use it in other applications. I dont see the reason that this product is getting so much play. Now if they released the MFT version at this price, I could completely understand the excitement over that.
  2. While RAW is a neat trick, in reality who is going to shoot a whole movie in RAW?  Now give me PRORES 422 and I will cancel my Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera order today. :)  
  3. Since when did an APS-C sensor become a "It seems the 50D is the best Super 35mm DSLR for raw video from Canon."   Did I fall into a parrallel universe or did APS-C sensors grow up to be Super 35mm, after 5 years?
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