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  1. Yes but, seriously, someone could explain why the digic 2 was capable, at last, of 8 fps (jpg) at 4k resolution (that means 32 fps in Full HD) and the digic 5+ (tens times faster in theory) cannot...? Is it technically justified the poor video quality of th eos line...? Where am i wrong..? Is the 14 bit (vs 12bit of the digicII) ad conversion the main issue..? Hope one day magic lantern will do another miracle... Eos 6D users are starving in the cold.. ^^
  2. ops... right link... http://www.dailystormer.com/crimea-votes-for-reunification-with-mother-russia-as-us-warship-enters-the-black-sea/
  3. Seems like your sources are hollywood-propaganda movies... My godness... Wake up my son, Santa Claus doesn't exist... I know, it's hard to believe, but now you grown up, someone sooner or later would have told you.. The Ukrainian revolution was nothing more than a peasants revolt. Ukraine is not a nation, it is a geographical territory inhabited by Russian peasants. These people are not intelligent or educated enough, by any means, to understand what it means to join the EU. This is the same thing these Jews always do: find the weakest element of a society, and exploit it. At the session wherein the vote was taken, Deputy Speaker Yury Vorobyov said that the US paid for the training of the revolutionaries in Kiev in Poland and Latvia... http://www.dailystormer.com/crimea-votes-for-reunification-with-mother-russia-as-us-warship-enters-the-black-sea/
  4. One question for Canon... Why in 2004 the DigicII eos 1Dmark II did 4k Mjpeg at 8 fps (it had a 8mpx sensor shooting 8fps till buffer full :) ) and my eos 6d with powerfull Digic 5+ cannot shoot Mjpg 24 fps full hd video...?
  5. Ukraine crisis was lead by international jews bankster... http://www.infowars.com/central-banker-appointed-as-prime-minister-of-ukraine/ They took France in 1789 and Russia in 1917 murdering the zar and milions of innocent peoples... Read Solgenitsin... Mercenaries working in Syria was send also in Ukraine, snipers either in Syria and now in Ukraine shoots on civilians and on police at the same time.. http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_03_06/US-NATO-CIA-supporting-nazis-in-Ukraine-project-2569/ http://www.globalresearch.ca/ukraines-democratic-coup-detat-killing-civilians-as-a-pretext-for-regime-change/5370705 They owns central banks, they owns media, they wrote world history from 18th century.. Dont trust jew television.. God save Putin's Russia...
  6. I've read in the early post of MJpg output possibility instead of raw. Am i right..? If this is true, could be feasible recording Mjpeg instead of Raw at 1920*1080 on 600D (or at least on 6D)..?
  7. I think ML should ask money for the upcoming firmware... As you said, it's unfair that Canon is going to gain money with it after they had sabotage their own hardware to push-up cinema-line...
  8. One way to check this assumption by video test with only one model running this new experimental ML firmware, could be to compare the 1920*1080 FF mode vs 1:1 1920*1080 crop-mode in low-light...?  ^_^
  9. Hi, when the 5D mark III comes out, many spokes about its ability in video mode to bin the pixel togheter 3 at time.. Is this the reason of the execellent performance in low-light and the reason for the near-absence  of moire and aliasing..? This means, if i'm right, that neither the 6D nor the older 5D MkII will reach in Raw the same quality of the MkIII in FF mode..  
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